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Despite all the noise that he couldn’t get it done, Speaker McCarthy led the house to a narrow passage of a budget and debt proposal. It goes to the senate where it will not pass despite the noise from Senators Manchin and Tester. But, it does put the President on the spot as he has refused to talk to McCarthy (again) until he saw his plan. He can see it now, but who wants to bet this debt level battle goes to the final days with lots of noise?

The Donald Trump civil rape trial is underway. I could be wrong but I think he is going to lose this.
Now remember, it’s a civil case so a payment would be the penalty and not like a criminal trial that would be a whole other story.
In a civil trial a majority of the jury has to vote guilty – not a unanimous one. They are going to play that infamous Bush tape from 2016 where the former President bragged about what he did; as well as present a few other witnesses who will say they experienced the same interaction with him as the plaintiff.
I think a guilty verdict has the capacity to do real damage to the former President.
So, while this is somewhat quiet, keep an eye on it. It is going to get loud and it could be pivotal.

Meanwhile, a federal appeals court last night said that former Vice President Mike Pence must appear before a grand jury investigating efforts to undo the results of the 2020 presidential election, rejecting a bid by former President Donald Trump’s lawyers to block the testimony.

While we’re on trials, watch on Monday when Hunter Biden has to appear in court in the case of his out of wedlock daughter. The judge demanded he be present.
Hunter was ordered, after a DNA test clarified he is the father, to pay alimony.
He hasn’t paid, saying he is broke and needs the payment lowered.
This is the same child he is suing to not use his last name after the mother changed It to Biden.
Let me add this.
I watched the President this week talking about kids, family and caring. Yet, he refuses to acknowledge this granddaughter. Why?

Here’s one that will surprise no one here, but will some of the people you can fool all the time and Joe Manchin.
Last year’s “Inflation Reduction Act” that was going to reduce the deficit, remember that?
Well that thought is over, according to the official CBO score of the Republican debt ceiling bill.
It has gone in a short time from “it will reduce the 10-year deficit by $58 billion, to a current score, that it will increase the deficit by $139 billion.
Add this:
The cost of the green giveaways bill has jumped from $271 billion to $570 billion, or about 110%.
Even though there was no Inflation Reduction Act under President Trump, this has to be his fault. Right?

Some Quick Hits

A quiet change in the Florida legislature was made that will allow Gov. DeSantis to run for President while serving as Governor.

I was thinking of Alissa Heinerscheid, the marketing director of Bud Light, who has taken a leave of absence after the ill fated campaign she created.
I was wondering when she presented that concept at Budweiser marketing, leadership and team meetings, do you think no one thought it was a bad idea; or were they just afraid to say so out loud in this environment?

So, Alan Bragg is now allowing his deputy to appear before congress next month. The agreement allowed the deputy (Mark Pomerantz) to testify under oath, as long as he can bring a lawyer. Let’s see what he has to say.

How about this from Donald Trump?
“Our path forward is to master the Democrats’ own game of harvesting ballots in every state we can.”
Well, it only took three election cycles to figure out that three months of voting is an advantage over one day.

Let’s see, the Republican campaign head to win the Senate in 2024 (Daines, MT) endorsed Donald Trump for President?
Is he going to endorse Trump backed candidates like all those who blew the senate last year?
Usually those heading congressional campaign committees for the house and senate stay neutral.

Senators Manchin and Testa may be tested on their new stances of showing their constituents they are not automatic administration votes.
Julie Su’s nomination to be Labor secretary is coming up. She faces unanimous GOP opposition and can’t lose any Democratic votes with Senator Feinstein still out.
Both Manchin and Testa are undecided. The only two Democrats.
We’ll keep an eye on this since they are “so mad” at the administration.

Remember the report on Afghanistan that the house wanted and Blinken refused to give them?
The one from internal staff that supposedly warned the administration on withdrawal?
We have some news on this front.
Committee Chair McCaul (TX) has decided to push the subpoena deadline back to May 1.
We all want to know what was in it. We’ll stay on this.

One more update on an issue. Senate Republicans are taking aim at a “shortsighted” administration rule that homebuyers with good credit scores pay higher mortgage rates and fees to subsidize people with riskier credit. Sen. Marshall sent a letter to the Housing Finance Agency demanding details on how the policy would be implemented.
He said the rule will “invert the common-sense risk financing structure” at government-sponsored entities and mortgage providers Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.
We agree.

Taking A Day Off Tomorrow, Back Monday.

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