Fallout And The Election…

Exciting Or?

The President announces and has a clear path to the nomination.
On the other side, Donald Trump has widened his lead.
We are staring at a repeat of 2020. If that doesn’t excite you, well, you are not alone.
An NBC News poll showed only 5 percent of Americans want Biden and Trump to run again in 2024.

Yesterday we mentioned that the DNC said no primary debates and we predicted they would look to cancel the general election ones. We wondered if Donald Trump would make the same mistake he did last time and cancel debates.
Well, here’s a story a day later:
Former President Trump raised the question of why he should participate in the 2024 GOP primary debates, suggesting he should not have to answer questions from “Trump and MAGA hating anchors. I see that everybody is talking about the Republican Debates, but nobody got my approval, or the approval of the Trump Campaign, before announcing them,” he wrote on Truth Social. “When you’re leading by seemingly insurmountable numbers, and you have hostile Networks with angry, TRUMP & MAGA hating anchors asking the ‘questions,’ why subject yourself to being libeled and abused?” he added.

If he doesn’t like the anchors from Fox (covering debate one) is there any chance he will like the ones chosen for the general election?

Trump’s Party Members

Republican leaders and elected officials have not hesitated to take shots at the former President. They recognize he can win the primary, but the whole party is at risk in the general election.
Some examples:
Gov. Sununu of N.H. was brutal.
He pointed to the ex-president’s poor track record since the 2016 elections to argue that the Republican Party wants one thing in 2024 that Mr. Trump cannot deliver: A victory.
“Republicans want someone who can win in November of ‘24. Donald Trump is a loser.
He has not just lost once. He lost us House seats in 2018. He lost everything in ’20. We should have 54 U.S. senators right now and we don’t because of his message. Donald Trump is positioning himself to be a four-time loser in 2024. We need candidates that can win,” he said.
Then there was Mitt Romney:
“I think it’s a problem for a party to be considered legitimate by people who care about America to have someone who’s been indicted, who’s had to plead the Fifth multiple times, who’s been surrounded by individuals who’ve gone to jail, one after the other, or been convicted of felonies, to be its nominee for president.”

Afghanistan And Blame

You heard both the current and former President blame each other for the mess that ended our time in Afghanistan. Well the State Department secret after action review was leaked.
Here’s what they say as released by Rep McCaul, chairperson of The Foreign Affairs Committee:
The review on the Afghanistan withdrawal blamed both President Trump and President Biden for the chaos of the 2021 exit, saying their decisions to set a timetable “had serious consequences” for the Afghan government. Neither administration gave enough thought to worst-case scenarios and as the situation deteriorated in the summer of 2021, the State Department failed to have what it called a “7th-floor principal” — a reference to the top floor at department headquarters, where high-level leaders are located — to oversee the response.
President Trump struck a deal with the Taliban in 2020 to withdraw U.S. forces by May 2021. He was eager to be the president who ended America’s 20-year commitment.
President Biden upon taking office, stuck with the process, but delayed the final withdrawal date to Sept. 11, 2021. After criticism of the symbolism of that date, he moved the deadline to Aug. 31.

Both Presidents played politics and were more interested in symbolism and their place in history than the nation.

You Can Fool Some Of The People …

We’ve written here any number of times about Joe Manchin and his phony non partisanship. We saw him again yesterday talking tough about the bill he agreed to and voted for to get over the top. His quote now:
“The Biden administration is breaking its word to the American public by ignoring the text of the Inflation Reduction Act to pursue its radical climate agenda. Let me be clear: if this continues, I’ll do everything in my power to stop them — including voting to repeal the IRA.”
Too late Joe, your vote got it approved.

Well, another Democratic Senator up for election next year who voted for the full Biden program in lock step is now pulling a Manchin. This time its Senator Jon Testa in the red state of Montana.
He announced this week he would block all of President Biden’s nominees for the Amtrak’s board of directors, saying there is inadequate representation of Western states.
Yes, the same Jon Testa that supported every climate, tax, school and spending bill the administration wanted.

So Much More But We’ll Wait A Day.

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