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The MSM doesn’t seem to want to cover it, but it is called election interference.
After all the charges against Donald Trump, how is the false letter from 51 “intelligence experts” that candidate Biden’s campaign engineered and he knew was not true, but quoted in the debate, not producing MSM outrage?
Here’s the facts:
Former CIA Deputy Director Michael Morrell testified before the House Judiciary and Intelligence Committees, and revealed that then Biden campaign senior adviser, now-Secretary of State Antony Blinken, played the lead role “in the inception” of the statement signed by current and past intelligence officials that claimed the Hunter Biden laptop was part of a Russian disinformation campaign.

Mr. Morell said a goal of the letter, was to boost Mr. Biden’s chances of winning the election.
Think about that. He got 50+ former leaders to sign a lie.
A lie they knew was one, but couched the words to sway a debate and election.

The officials noted that the leaked laptop “has all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation,” but never directly said in so many words that it was. It added that while they had no “evidence of Russian involvement,” their experience “makes us deeply suspicious.”

You would think, a MSM, weeks from a close presidential election would be all over that, right?
Not here, they accepted as fact that the letter was Russian misinformation. Never mind it had “earmarks of.”
It helped their desired candidate and got Trump, therefore they accept a perception over doing their job.

As we have said over and over, the media is the issue.

Now when caught red handed, the leader who organized the letter admits he did it and why.
The other fifty are using the plausible deniability of “we said it had the earmarks of …”
Look at this quote from Mr Morell:
“One intent was to share our concern with the American people that the Russians were playing on this issue; and, two, it was [to] help Vice President Biden.”

Who asked him to get the letter done to cover up the laptop?

He told the House Judiciary and Intelligence committees that Secretary of State Blinken, who served at the time as a senior adviser to the Biden campaign, contacted him days after the New York Post reported on emails from the discarded laptop computer.
The former CIA official told the lawmakers that he had no intention of publicly rebutting the Post’s story, but that his conversation with Mr. Blicken led to the letter.

If you don’t think this was election interference, you are not being fair.
If you don’t think, in reverse, the media would have buried the Republicans with this, you are not fair. If you don’t think the media is so biased that they influenced the election, you are not fair.
If you don’t think Chris Wallace, not allowing the issue to be continued at the debate was on purpose, you are not thinking. You mean the great Chris Wallace didn’t see the issue with all his experience? I don’t accept that.
You mean Leslie Stahl on 60 Minutes really thought the laptop was not real and the letter was?

If you accept that both Wallace and Stahl believed all that, and you accept that the media as a whole believed it, I have a question. How can you believe them now on anything? They told you that Russian Collusion was real with Trump and it wasn’t. They told you that the Steele Dossier was real and it wan’t. They told you that Trump was a Russian agent and he wasn’t. They told you that Trump was compromised and Biden wasn’t.

Either you have to stop listening to them because they aren’t too smart, or they are too biased to believe.

Your Choice.

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