Wrapping Up The Week…

Men Competing In Woman’s Sports

Here are a few core issues that can help you decide which side you are on.

House Republicans passed a bill barring male-born athletes from female scholastic sports, declaring their participation a violation of Title IX.
The bill forced Democrats to go on the record on this hot social issue that could be a major issue in 2024.
The bill (Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act) passed  on a 219-203 party-line vote.
No Democrat broke ranks and supported the legislation that would require students to compete in school athletics based on their “reproductive biology and genetics at birth,” not gender identity.  
Every Republican voted for it.
Here’s a quote from Congressman Steube, the bills sponsor on it:
“It is a sad day in America when the Democrats have regressed so far backward that they are willing to erase the rights that women have fought decades to obtain (Title IX). All to elevate biological males to the top of women’s podiums.”

I wonder if those who voted for men to compete in woman’s sports have daughters they have supported through youth to compete at high levels. Would they now appreciate their daughter being denied a spot or medal because a male, who now identifies as a female, took it? I can tell you that I would not.
Maybe they do, but as we’ve learned when it involves you or your family, it’s different.

If this bill were to reach the White House, the President has promised to veto it.
It won’t reach there, expect no action in the senate, or another party vote.

Issue two:
This one, I couldn’t even imagine was real and did a few checks to verify.

The administration has proposed a tax for those of you who save, pay your bills and get high credit scores.
The reward is that you pay extra interest on your mortgage.
For those who are irresponsible and don’t have a good credit score, well… they get a break. Their interest rate goes down.
Sounds too crazy to be real? Well, it’s both crazy and real.
Here it is:
Starting May 1, a new federal rule will force homebuyers with good credit scores to pay higher mortgage rates and fees to subsidize those with riskier credit ratings who are also buying houses. 
If you have a good credit score and are looking to buy a home, you pay more to subsidize other home buyers who have bad credit thanks to a new rule from the Biden Administration.

An Example:
If you have a credit score of 740+ you pay an EXTRA 1% on your mortgage. Those with 620 or less will get a 1.75% DECREASE.
Republicans think this is insane. Where do you stand?

While On The Administration

If you heard the hearing this week on the Afghanistan withdrawal, you know how tough it was, despite the administration trying to call it a success.
Try they did too, sending their best spokesperson, Admiral Kirby, out to argue their case.
Remember that embassy cable we told you about? The one the administration wouldn’t release or share?
Secretary of State Blinken did not comply with the House Foreign Affairs Committee Chair subpoena for it.
This has set the stage for a legal battle with Republicans over access to the document.

Committee Chair McCaul (TX) requested the documents, even offering to view the document with the names of signatories redacted.
The State Department declined, as the deadline passed this week.

The cable written by U.S. officials is apparently critical of the administration’s plan to withdraw all American combat troops from Afghanistan in 2021. Remember, the President said no one told him it was a bad idea.

Makes you wonder what they are hiding? I wonder too, why doesn’t the MSM report on this?

The Budget Battle

Some more on the proposal McCarthy sent on the budget stalemate. Five major points:
One percent cap on domestic spending.
No funding for 87,000 IRS agents.
Cancel the hundreds of billions of unspent Covid money.
Repeal Biden student loan bailouts.
Enact Reins Act requiring federal reg agencies to get congressional approval for new regulations.

Which of those don’t you agree with to reduce the debt?

And, did you see Senator Manchin broke with his party to slam the President for refusing to negotiate with House Republicans on raising the debt limit? He actually said the White House is engaging in “political games” by refusing to discuss spending cuts in exchange for raising the cap on how much the federal government can borrow to meet expenses.

Too late Senator, you won’t save your reelection next year. You helped get that spending over the hill, you won’t fool the people of W.Va. this time.

For Real?

Let’s close the week with a tweet from Geraldo Rivera, which is an example of how some think. As many moved off Bud Light, he decided to start drinking it exclusively.
Here’s the tweet.
Usually a Corona or Modelo beer man, for now I’m only drinking #BudLite. Why? -because I reject boycotts and detest bullies.

Here’s Hoping Your Weekend Is Great.

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