A Settlement And More…

The big news in most of the MSM today will be the FoxNews Corporation settlement with Dominion Voting for $787 million dollars. The charge from Dominion was Fox defamed them with charges they aired, knowing it was untrue, of voting machines altered to favor Joe Biden.
Fox was reporting what former President Trump, Sidney Powell and others were saying. The charge was that the reporters didn’t even believe it, but put it on the air.
This blog, from day one, said those charges were false. Donald Trump lost the election. He lost because of himself.
He lost because he allowed his opposition to vote for up to three months ahead of the election, while telling his voters to wait until Election Day.
He lost because he had three debates to stand side by side with his opponent and blew the first two.
In the first debate he couldn’t control himself and never allowed his opponent to complete a sentence.
He canceled the second debate because it was wasn’t in the same room.
He won the third, but it was far too little too late.
Now he cost FoxNews part of its reputation and substantial dollars.

Yet, the voters in the party are increasingly going down that same path for 2024. They don’t get it that they are a minority of the nation and going to face the same fate.
Yesterday I saw the polls from three states that may well decide the election. Georgia, Arizona and Wisconsin.
In all three, President Biden led President Trump and Gov. DeSantis led Biden.
That’s it in a nutshell, and why the party wants to go down that path again, I just don’t understand.

However, that’s exactly what they appear, at this early stage, to be doing. Look at these numbers of elected Republican officials:
45 Republican Congressional Members have endorsed Donald Trump.
3 have endorsed Ron DeSantis.
1 has endorsed Nikki Haley.
On the Senate side:
9 Have endorsed Donald Trump
1 has endorsed Tim Scott.
What’s alarming is not the lack of endorsements for others, but the number for Trump.

And it’s being orchestrated dramatically. Look at this from yesterday. With Gov. DeSantis scheduled to be in Washington:
Two members from his own state, Reps. Rutherford and Steube endorsed Trump.
A third, Rep.Brian Mast, said that he’ll soon follow suit.
Then within a few hoursRep. Gooden of Texas walked out of a meeting with DeSantis and endorsed Trump.

Think again of all the losses the party has suffered since 2017 and explain it to me, because I don’t get it.

Mayorkas, Again

At least as much as the above, if not more, I don’t understand how Homeland Director Mayorkas survives.
He had another disgraceful performance before a senate committee yesterday, and will face even more today before a house committee.
At the Senate hearing, Sen. Marshall (KS) said he will introduce a no confidence resolution for the Director.
He also said he’s “ready to receive articles of impeachment from the House and conduct an impeachment trial in this body.”
Add that to the House Panel Chair Mark Green (TN), where Mayorkas will be today, who said last week, he would pursue an impeachment too.

By the way, even Senator Romney attacked Mayorkas yesterday. He asked the Homeland Director to grade his department A-F. Mayorkas refused. Romney said he had one – “F.”

Mayorkas did say that conditions would deteriorate next month when Title 42 ends. He did not offer specific numbers, but did say that as many as 18,000 illegal immigrants could cross per day. That would be nearly triple the amount that arrived each day in March.

Now, of course, if you watch the MSM, you wouldn’t even know there is a border crisis. Isn’t that a shame?

Which leads to my final thought of the day.
So, FoxNews gets sued and settles for false reporting on Dominion Voting Machines.
How come the MSM gets away with false Russian Collusion Stories? Reporting on a false Steele Dossier? Calling the Hunter Biden laptop not real?
Is there a double standard?
Does the MSM not know they are reporting false news? Do they not care to investigate? They knew the 2020 vote count was right, how come they didn’t know the other stories were false?

Food For Thought.

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