Gov. DeSantis has begun to answer former President Trump media attacks with ads of his own. He ran an interesting one yesterday on a pertinent topic of the day:
He released an ad dinging both Bud Light and female-identifying men in women’s athletics with a send-up of the classic “Real Men of Genius” beer commercials.
The title? “Real Men of Women’s Sports”

The 30-second spot features video of male-to-female transgender athletes, including NCAA women’s swimming champion Lia Thomas, former high school track star Terry Miller, New Zealand weightlifter Laurel Hubbard and MMA fighter Alana McLaughlin.
Give him credit for taking on an issue, while he also takes on Disney. I am guessing his team said he had to move since the polls widened (negatively) for him, with all the Trump news.

In running these ads he is taking on both Trump and George Soros, since it’s the latter’s election and DA supported officials supporting the men in women sports movement.
A little bit on Soros:
He has funded 75 pro-criminal prosecutors across the nation, says a report by the Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund, which backs the police.
He has a $32 billion bankroll and spending $40 million on political campaigns is nothing to him, writes Matt Palumbo, author of the Soros-alert book “The Man Behind the Curtain.”
By focusing on key local races, he writes, “Soros is having an outside impact on people’s lives. Flipping a legislature and changing the law is a lot more daunting than just electing one person who refuses to enforce the law.
Add this week we saw that his son, who supports all his Dad is doing, has visited the White House 80+ times since the President took office.

As for Donald Trump, he will face allegations, by author E. Jean Carroll, of rape and libel starting next week in a civil trial. He asked for a delay of the case, but the judge denied the request.
For the record, the former President has denied wrongdoing.
And add this, of which there was little to no coverage:
The former President is suing his ex-attorney, Michael Cohen and witness against him, for $500 million. Trump’s charge is that Cohen breached their contractual relationship and helped to spread falsehoods about him in a criminal prosecution in New York. Poor Mike Cohen.

One more thing on politics, don’t worry, Rep. George Santos (R-NY) announced his reelection bid. What about the lies, multiple investigations and calls for his resignation? Not a problem for him he says.
One thing of note, his finances came out this week and he actually paid back more than he took in. He’s running in the negative for finances!

The Murder Rate

If you follow the news closely you probably heard both sides charging the other over murder rates.
Republicans talk of the rate in Democratic run cities. Democrats counter with the rate in Republican run states.
As an example, take Oklahoma.
New York Times columnist Paul Krugman recently claimed, “Oklahoma’s murder rate was almost 50 percent higher than California’s, almost double New York’s.” Oklahoma has a Republican Governor.
Now, most of the murders were coming out of Oklahoma City and Tulsa. They are two of the 62 counties in the state and happen to be two counties that voted Democratic in the Governor’s election.
Of the 287 murders in the state, 166 came out of Oklahoma County and Tulsa County.
So which side is right?

A groundbreaking study by John R. Lott of the Crime Prevention Research Center revealed:
That “1% of counties have 21% of the population and 42% of the murders.”
The 1% of bloody counties include Democrat strongholds as:
Philadelphia, New York City, Los Angeles, Baltimore, Dallas, D.C., Miami-Dade, Milwaukee, San Diego, St. Louis, Chicago’s Cook County, Houston’s Harris County, Detroit’s Wayne County, Memphis’ Shelby County, Phoenix’s Maricopa County, Cleveland’s Cuyahoga County, and many others.
In the last election Joe Biden won these counties easily.

Interesting statistics, that if reported right would enlighten some, but the MSM runs with the argument Krugman presents because it backs their view.

Final thought of the day, did China fire a warning shot at President Biden when a Chinese-American bank supplied Senate Republicans with records showing millions of dollars flowing from Chinese companies to Mr. Biden’s son Hunter Biden and brother James Biden?
Don’t you wonder?

Thoughts For The Day.

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