Abortion Issue Front And Center

We mentioned the abortion issue and the Republican dilemma with it a few times this week, and a few candidates stepped right into the middle of it yesterday.
First it was Governor DeSantis:
He signed a bill last night imposing abortion limits to an extreme. It’s called, The Heartbeat Protection Act and limits abortions to the hearing of a heartbeat, or about six weeks.
By doing so he clearly placed himself on a wing of the issue. His comment was:
“We are proud to support life and family in the state of Florida.”

Then Senator Tim Scott took a position with this:
There is “no question” he would support a 20-week federal ban on abortion and would potentially consider a 15-week limit. 

There are Republican primary candidates who will be for a complete ban, think former VP Mike Pence.
Voters will have a choice, but they better remember, the Republican primary is one thing, the general election another.

I think Scott is where the majority of Americans may be, because most of us do not support day before birth abortion, which is where the Democrats seem to be.

The media will help the left frame this as pro or anti abortion, the challenge for the right is to get this to be 20 weeks or nine months.

Meanwhile, the administration is asking the Supreme Court to lift newly imposed court restrictions on the abortion pill. This sends the whole issue back to the high court less than a year after its historic decision saying there was no law and turning the decision to the states.

A MSM Example

Here’s the NYT this morning on the reinstatement in Tennessee of a lawmaker who was expelled. (Expelled for what he did in the Tennessee House. Compare his actions to Jan. 6th and make a decision if there is a double standard.)
“The young Black Democrats expelled from the Tennessee legislature have modeled themselves after civil rights leaders of the past.”

Meanwhile, this from a right leaning publication.
“Democratic state Rep. Justin Jones of Tennessee was reinstated to his position Monday after being expelled last week over his involvement in what Tennessee House Speaker Cameron Sexton described as an insurrection.”
Then they added this:
Shocking footage from 2020 has re-emerged this week indicating that, contrary to the protesters’ suggestion, there’s no guarantee of peace with Justin Jones back on the scene. According to the Tennessean, Jones faced over 15 charges ranging from trespassing to assault during what former Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan dubbed the “summer of love.” Among the charges: assault of an officer; resisting arrest; disrupting a meeting; disorderly conduct; criminal trespassing; obstruction of a passageway; and aggravated littering.”

Anyone hear this on the MSM? Here’s a link to the story if you want to read it all.


Remember earlier this week we mentioned that Senator Gillibrand had moved so far left to survive in the NY Democratic Party, but it would be to no avail as AOC was going to primary her in 2024?
Well, guess who’s on FoxNews Sunday this week? Yup, Senator Gillibrand.
Interesting, isn’t it?

The lead candidate to replace Senator Feinstein in California is Congresswoman Katie Porter.
This, yesterday, on Porter:
The ex-husband of California Democrat Senate candidate Rep. Katie Porter said he does ‘not recant’ his domestic abuse allegations against the congresswoman after her campaign said that he did.
Wonder how domestic charges against her impact the race.

Just closing the week with a question. How does a 21 year old national guard member gain access to the confidential information that he did? I don’t understand that; and what happened to all the security we heard there was with such information?
Makes you wonder why anyone would trust working with the U.S. these days.

Hope Your Weekend Is A Good One.

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