A Holiday Week For Many

We’ll Be Brief All Week Too

As many celebrate this week we’ll limit what we say, do and send to your inbox.
So a few shorties:

Senator Gillibrand (NY) was a moderate, to even leaning a little right, when she was appointed to the senate. In fact, she was a Blue Dog Democrat. Once she was appointed to the senate (to replace Senator Clinton who became Secretary of State) she moved far left. She wanted to satisfy the left leaning party outside her congressional district. She surprised many with some of her positions.
Well, here’s a prediction…it didn’t work.
Have you noticed the more active AOC?
The reason is, she is going to primary Gillibrand next year and is odds on favorite to defeat her.

The Washington Times has an article and story on Juanita Broderick and her feelings about the support Stormy Daniels has gotten for a consensual relationship with Donald Trump and how little support she got (and continues to get) on her charges against Bill Clinton.
Here’s a link if you want to read it:

In Tennessee have you heard more from the MSM and Democrats about the six killed at that Christian School and the killer or the two house representatives removed for their actions in the Tennessee House attack?
Think about that.

The abortion pill decisions and battle is yet another warning to Republicans they better fix their position on this issue, or they are not going to win anything. For the young and many woman it trumps all other issues.

Enjoy Your Week If You’re Relaxing.

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