The Noise The Next Day…

Here’s a news story I would think people would like to know, but I didn’t see it or hear anywhere.
A decision came down in California at about the same time that former President Trump was being indicted.
This decision went in favor of the former President, and Stormy Daniels must pay almost $122,000 of Donald Trump’s legal fees that were racked up with her failed defamation lawsuit.  
Now wouldn’t you think with all the noise about what went on in the NY court room with the former President over Stormy, that this would be news?
If the court had ruled for Stormy would you have heard it?

By the way, she had sued him for defamation after he dismissed her claims of being threatened to keep quiet about the tryst as a “total con job.”
He won the case when a judge threw out the case in 2018. He then sued for lawyer fees and won.

In fact, she has been ordered to pay more than $600,000 in Trump’s legal fees, including some $300,000 in attorney’s fees that she was previously ordered to pay.

While on the subject, did you know that one of the three cases DA Bragg alluded to was about a doorman at Trump Tower?
The Doorman told the National Enquirer he knew of a Donald Trump child born out of wedlock.
He got $30,000 in hush money, and after investigating it was determined the story was a lie.
I am guessing the doorman got his $30K and then a pink slip when it was found to be a false story.

Some Non Trump News

This makes so much sense that both sides of the aisle supported this in the Senate:
A proposed plan to make it easier for federal bank regulators to claw back bank executives’ pay if their institution fails. How logical is that?
So logical that Senators on the left like Warren and Cortez Masto were aligned with those on the right like Hawley and Braun.
Let’s see if they can get it passed, then through the House and signed by the President.

Nikki Haley was the first 2024 candidate to make it to the border, an issue every Republican candidate will run on. She was clear in her position:
“This is a dereliction of duty by President Biden,” she said after touring and meeting with ranchers and law enforcement officials.
She took a clear shot at Homeland Director Mayorkas, “This is a crisis regardless of what anybody says.”

Here’s a story where I said this could never happen in America, but then I saw what happened on Tuesday and I won’t say that again. This from Putin’s Russia as reported by the AP.
A Russian engineer named Gleb Karakulov boarded a flight from Kazakhstan to Turkey with his wife and daughter. He switched off his phone to shut out the crescendo of urgent, enraged messages, said goodbye to his life in Russia and tried to calm his fast-beating heart.
But this was no ordinary Russian defector. Karakulov was an officer in President Vladimir Putin’s secretive elite personal security service — one of the few Russians to flee and go public who have rank, as well as knowledge of intimate details of Putin’s life and potentially classified information.
Karakulov, who was responsible for secure communications, said moral opposition to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and his fear of dying there drove him to speak out, despite the risks to himself and his family. 
“Our president has become a war criminal,” he said. “It’s time to end this war and stop being silent.”

Something To Think About Today.

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