After The Indictment…

After waiting all this time and watching closely all day, when it was over I thought of that old Wendy’s commercial, “Where’s The Beef?”
Because simply, it wasn’t in what they outlined in court. It wasn’t in anything they said. It wasn’t in anything they presented.

All I could think of was this.
If this were Russia, and Putin was locking up his major opponent on these charges, we would all condemn it and him for his tyrannical leadership.
If it were China, we would all say it’s another example of the CCP and what they have done to the nation.
If it were a third world country, we would all give thanks that we lived in America.

Well, here it is. It is here. What we do about it will determine our future.

We have developed a two tier system of justice. If you don’t see it, you are not looking and part of the problem.

Yesterday they indicted Donald Trump for money paid to a stripper.
Money his main accuser, his former lawyer Michael Cohen, was on record as saying it didn’t happen, before he changed his mind.
Money the porn star said wasn’t so. She said so in writing.
Money that doesn’t matter about anyway, but the DA said was a campaign contribution.
Now it’s about 2016.
They are saying he tried to steal the election.
Let me ask you this:
What do you remember of that election? Who tried to steal it?
Who paid for the false Steele Dossier? The one so many still think is real.
Who started the lie about Russian Collusion? The one so many believe.
Who started the rumor that Donald Trump was a Russian agent, bought and owned by Putin?
Do you think hush money to a porn star was more of a steal than that?

If the American people, because they were so riled up by the media, and the left accept this double standard, then we are done as a free nation.

After weeks and weeks of noise, I can only ask:
Where’s The Beef?

Two Other Quick Thoughts

We have talked for months here about the two elections that were to be held yesterday. Well they were and it was a good day for the Democrats.
In Chicago, the “defund” the police, pro teacher candidate, won over the “fund” the police candidate, Paul Vallas.
Vallas who won the primary, now loses the general election to Brandon Johnson.
Johnson has also promised to raise taxes on businesses to fund social programs.
Remember you get what you vote for. Johnson has a tough job ahead.
Will his policies stop the exit of citizens and businesses from the city? I doubt it.
If you have a business would you be moving to Chicago now?

In Wisconsin the Supreme Court was at stake. Currently locked at 3-3, this election would decide major issues. Abortion was foremost of those issues.
Republicans saying no to abortion ever, is a loser for them. If they don’t adopt the majority public position of a limited timeframe for an abortion, they are doomed.
The Democrat candidate, Janet Protasiewicz, won going away.

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