More Than Trump News Today…

We understand that every story, network report and newscast today will focus on the Trump arraignment.
I’m as anxious as you are to hear what the charges will be.
I hope those encouraging this action realize things can come back to bite.
While we wait to hear what indictment No. 71543-23 in NYC is all about, there are other news stories happening today that would be major news on most other days.

The Chicago Mayoral race will be decided today.
Does Chicago go with the candidate supported by the police, or the one who wants to defund them?
Bernie Sanders held a very large rally for the Democrat candidate along with the teachers union.
In a city where education scores are down and crime is rising, this race will tell you a lot about major Democratic cities and how they are leaning.
Watch this one.

Then there is a judgeship vote in the state of Wisconsin that is another major barometer.
Wisconsin is a narrowly divided state that has voted for both parties in recent elections.
In fact, just about 20,000 votes decided their Presidential vote in 4 of the last 6 elections.
Their supreme court today is locked at 3-3.
The issues in this race make it a real barometer to the point the winner will make the difference.
One issue is abortion rights.
The Democrat is a clear left leaner and the Republican a right winger.

Other News Lost To The Hysteria

Now we hear that China’s spy balloon was gathering intelligence from sensitive American military sites as it flew across the U.S.
NBC News reported that the balloon was able to pick up intelligence from several military installations. 
Now, I would venture to guess no one reading this blog is surprised about that.
Which raises the question again, why did the President allow it to travel across the country before downing it?

This should be getting news coverage.
House Republicans are pushing to reassert work requirements across federal welfare programs to “curb wasteful spending and fill job openings” in the economy.
They have introduced legislation to prohibit state governments from easing work requirements for federally funded welfare programs.
They also want to expand the age limit from 49 to 65 at which able-bodied adults without children must work to receive benefits.
Sounds good to me, how about you?

On another House vote, do you know that there was a vote to block the Department of Energy regulations on gas stoves?
The rules would ban about half of gas stoves and be a step toward a total ban.
Well the vote to stop the ban passed with unanimous House Republican support, which I’m sure doesn’t surprise you. But, 181 Democrats voted to support the ban, which is more than 80% of the House Democrats.
Why wasn’t this covered by the MSM?
Would it influence people too much?

Senator Joe Manchin continues to try and back pedal to save himself. He was on the Sunday shows refusing to commit to remaining a Democrat and talking about possibly running for President as an independent, middle of the road candidate.
This was on top of his WSJ column “Biden Inflation Reduction Act Betrayal” in which he criticized the bill he supported because of the changes and execution. He felt lied to and would not have voted for it if he knew.
Too late Senator. You lost this one.

A report on county growth came out this week from the Census Bureau.
Where are people moving to and from? If you didn’t see it, here are the top gainers and losers:
Texas was home to six of the top 10 largest-growing counties in 2022.
Florida had three and Arizona one.  
The two largest in decline were L.A. County and Cook County, Ill. (Chicago)
Does that tell you anything?

Now, after the NYC proceeding today there is much to go with potential charges against Donald Trump.
The Georgia prosecutor and the Justice Department can announce separate criminal complaints at anytime and ensnare Trump in legal battles for years.
Remember this, he is not barred from candidacy or election while under indictment(s). No matter how many.
Is this what the left wants?

Here We Go Today.

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