Are We Really Going Down This Path?

When word came down that the DA in New York City was going forward with charges against the former President, I was actually surprised since there was word that there would be no action this week.
You will hear umpteen analyses (and spins) depending on what you watch and read. I will say this for now,
until we actually hear the charges we should all be cautious.
The report is there are 34 charges. Is there more than we were told was being investigated, or did the DA break that charge down into pieces?
Until we know that, we should just be a little cautious.

As for the politics of it all, well the outcome will be important for the long term.
Short term there will be a rallying to the President by his supporters and a good number of others. You will see his poll numbers rise, especially for the primaries ahead.
Long term, the actual charges, how he handles the situation and the outcome will matter.
As for the DA in NY, his risk is low, and upside good. He runs in an area that voted 80% for President Biden. The anti fervent Trump feeling will only help him. It will override his failed polices of releasing criminals and not bringing charges. This move helps DA Bragg cover up the soft on crime and higher rates because his charging Donald Trump will override it all.
Good luck, too, in getting a fair, impartial jury in the city. How do you vote not guilty in a city where you live with everyone who wants to get the man? Do you think any judge appointed in the city wasn’t nominated by a Democratic official?

Which leads me to one final point here. There better be real charges, far beyond the hush money to Stormy Daniels. If not, then we better hope the American people can open their eyes and see the double standard they have been led down, and how the future of the nation is at stake. Why?
If you are charging Donald Trump for hush money, why did you support Bill Clinton? He had a “bimbo eruption” team to deal with these issues. He paid Paula Jones almost a million dollars to settle his case, after he lied about it. Why is this not a double standard?
How much would you bet that current House and Senate members have not paid hush money? I would not bet a penny on that, but would bet all I have there are many cases of such.
It’s a campaign crime? Okay, then how did Hillary get away with paying basically the same amount as charged here to create the phony Steele Dossier?
How come the same people who want to get Donald Trump for hush money don’t care about the millions we just found out the Chinese gave the Biden family?
You want another double standard that is right before our eyes and people don’t recognize because the media presents it differently?
How much do you continue to hear about Jan. 6th prosecutions for the riot in Washington, DC?
We are at over 350 charges and over 150 people in jail.
Now, what about all those riots that destroyed businesses, homes and towns at the same time that went on for months? At last count, for all the destruction, fires, injuries and deaths, there were less people in jail.
We even found out this week the Attorney General told authorities not to arrest anyone protesting and threatening Supreme Court justices outside their homes. Why? Because the political decision was bigger than the law.

If more people don’t see how a judicial system designed to be blind has been tampered with, then our future will not be like our past, and maybe the foreign leader charges that we lost our way will be proven right.

How do you wake up people to this danger? People who only care about their next free thing, and why the world is holding them back, and where do I get my drugs.

There Better Be Enough Of Us Who See This, Or…….

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