A Disgrace…

He Should Be Fired And The Coverage Is A Disgrace

I’m not sure when I have seen a cabinet member battered and disgraced more than Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas was before Congress this week.
If you didn’t hear about it on the MSM or see it on a conservative station, I suggest you google it.
Let’s establish the base from Mayorkas. He claimed again we were doing great things at the border and that the administration had “operational control.”
He was talking about the southern border.

Here’s some of what happened at the hearing: Imagine if you were the secretary.
Sen. Lindsey Graham began by attacking the drugs and fentanyl coming across the “controlled border.”
Graham said, fentanyl from Mexico now kills twice as many people each month as died in the attack on Pearl Harbor or the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.
He said Mr. Mayorkas has fueled the deaths by his lack of knowledge and action.
“Look what’s happened. And you know how it happened? You took all the policies that were working, and you changed them, and it’s blown up in our face.”

Then Sen. Cruz took over and demanded that the secretary take responsibility for the soaring number of migrants who have died or been raped while taking advantage of the relaxed policies to try to rush the border.“Your behavior is disgraceful, and the deaths, the children assaulted, the children raped are at your feet,” he thundered. “And if you had integrity, you’d resign.”
It got worse with Cruz:
The Senator then said Border Patrol agents(who report to Mayorkas) “despise” him.
He then accused of lacking any understanding of what is happening.
And worse still:
The senator held up a photo of wristbands gathered at the border. Smugglers give them to migrants to help sort out who’s going where and who still owes money and must be held until payoff.
Well, Mayorkas said he wasn’t aware of the wristbands and their meaning. (Not aware? My grandchildren know.)
Senator Cruz was shocked and uttered:
“You have just testified to the American people that you are incompetent at your job.”

Then it was Senator Josh Hawley’s turn:
Mayorkas was unable to say whether Chinese Communist Party members have been among the growing number of Chinese migrants being caught and released into the U.S.
Sen. Hawley got exasperated and blasted him with:
“You don’t know any of the details. You have exhausted me, you have exhausted this panel, you have exhausted the patience of the American people. You should resign.”

You think it was over? Not quite.

Next it was Senator Cornyn of Texas who asked Mr. Mayorkas about smuggling tactics cartels use of sending illegal immigrants across to a spot in order to distract Border Patrol agents. (They send migrants in to distract them and while the agents are busy nabbing them, the cartels send over higher-value contraband such as drugs.)
“I am not aware of that as a strategy,” Mr. Mayorkas said. (What????? What????)
Senator Cornyn then said:
“You’ve simply lost all credibility, Mr. Secretary.”
He then pointed out that Attorney General Merrick Garland acknowledged the strategy just a couple of weeks earlier in testimony.
And it was then pointed out that John Modlin, Mr. Mayorkas’ top Border Patrol agent in Arizona’s sector, told Congress last month that the cartels are using migrants to keep agents distracted.
Modlin said:
“Task saturation is a term we use to describe a tactic where smuggling organizations split large groups of migrants into many smaller groups. These small groups are then directed to illegally cross the border all at once and at different locations, effectively saturating the area with migrants and exhausting our response capability.” He added that the cartels are “doing it intentionally.”
Yet, his boss never heard of it!!!

There was more. Senator Kennedy of Louisiana let loose:
“Did you just parachute in from another planet, Mr. Secretary? Because you’re the only person in the Milky Way who believes that we’re not having massive, massive illegal immigration into America.” 

There was even more. Mayorkas is a disgrace, as is the administration’s policy and the lack of MSM coverage.

Every Nation Needs To Secure It’s Border.
This Administration Has Failed Us With That.
This Homeland Director Should Be Gone.

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