More Than The Gun…

Reflecting On A Shooting

It simply breaks your heart to hear the stories and see the pictures of those young and innocent individuals involved in a crazed shooting.
Every picture, life story and family just takes a piece of your being, and you wonder why and how a person could do such a thing.
May the good Lord hold each of them in the palm of his hand until they are reunited with their loved ones.

Of course, the immediate reaction from each side is subtle at first then builds as the day goes.
From the left, it’s the gun.
Ban guns, as if the laws in major places where they are banned are working. Why? They don’t even lock up people using them illegally.
How did they do with the drugs they banned?
You see, law abiding people don’t break the law. Something some people never learn.
Then there’s the mentally ill side.
Well, would anyone not mentally ill shoot nine year old innocent children?
The problem is, we don’t want to take anyone off the streets because it would stigmatize them.
Of course the argument is, well not all mentally ill are going to shoot up a school.
Okay then, why do you want to ban guns when less than 1% use it for illegal purposes?
Doesn’t that work both ways?

The real problem lies in the study we shared yesterday that Americans don’t think their children will have a better life than them. Here’s some more results from that study.
The problem to me is clear. It’s called lost values.
Start with this:
“Patriotism, religious faith, having children and other priorities that helped define the national character for generations are receding in importance to Americans.” 
Here are measurement numbers from a similar Journal study 25 years ago:
Patriotism is very important: Dropped from 70% to 38%.
Religion is very important: Dropped from 62% to 39%.
Community involvement is very important: Dropped from 47% to 27%.
Having children is very important: Dropped from 59% to 30%.
“Tolerance for others, Dropped from 80% (as recently as four years ago) to 58%.”
You know what went up and was more important?
Money: It Rose from 31% to 43%.

Think about that as you think about society and what’s wrong. We are adding debt to destroy our children’s future and, yet, we want more free. Free for me.
Hard work, earn your way, save for the future? That’s for fools.
Give me mine, that’s the mentality. If I don’t get it, well, it’s because you are racist, phobic and uncaring.
God, family, patriotism, community, understand others? That’s old fashion. It’s about me.

I had a lot more I wanted to write about today, but I am going to leave it there. There’s plenty to think about.

Let’s Hope Easter’s Rising Brings A Renewed Value To Our Nation.

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