As We Recover…

As we recover from the shock in Nashville and learn details about the shooter being under emotional stress and getting help, yet buying seven guns, we shake our heads thinking of those killed.
Let’s try and take a look at some other issues.

There’s a fight to learn about the events that led to 13 of our citizens dying in the final days of Afghanistan.
House Foreign Affairs Chairman McCaul has signed a subpoena to force the State Department to turn over a secret cable from 23 department employees working in the embassy in Kabul.
The cable was an apparant urgent plea to Secretary of State Blinken not to follow through on the President’s troop withdrawal plan. The Wall Street Journal reported that the cable warned the administration that Afghanistan wasn’t ready for the troop withdrawal.
The message was sent via the State Department’s “dissent channel,” which is supposed to allow any employee a direct line to the secretary to challenge department orthodoxy.
Secretary Blinken has refused to turn over the documents.
The cable was also the subject of a request by Democrats when they were in control of the House, though they did not force the issue through a subpoena.
Mr. McCaul has made the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan a key focus of the committee since earlier this month when a Marine who was sent to Kabul revealed that he had identified the man who is believed to have later set off the explosive that killed the 13 American troops.
He said his request to take the man down was denied by higher-ups.
We want to know. A friend of mine who visited Walter Reed months ago told me about this story. It’s about time we all heard it.

On Afghanistan, remember when we were told there are less than 100 Americans still in Afghanistan?
Well, our Secretary of State (Blinken), this week said there are “about 175 Americans still in Afghanistan.”
Any coverage of this?
He also said that some of them are being held captive by the Taliban. Is that not news?
Not when the media is on your side and so biased.

Then there was this from General Milley on another Middle East Country that they told us they could handle better than the previous administration, Iran. Milley now says:
Iran could produce a nuclear weapon in several months if It decides to do so.
I guess you can add them to North Korea, who it seems everyday is doing something new, which our media no longer reports on.
Remember how they reported every plane taking off when Trump was President?

Remember last month Ashley Babbitt’s Mother (the only person killed on Jan 6th), Micki Witthoeft, was arrested in Washington DC? It got big news coverage, right?
It was actually disgusting to see her handcuffed and taken away on the second anniversary of her daughter’s death.
Well, did you know the charges have been dropped? That’s right, there were no charges brought against her.
Did you hear coverage of that?

Let’s stay on the media and their bias for a second. Consider this:
Democrat Maura Healey and Republican Sarah Huckabee Sanders became the first women elected to serve as governors of their states this year. Good and big news, right?
Well, only one of them was honored this month by USA Today as one of the newspaper’s 2023 Women of the Year for that accomplishment –and it wasn’t Gov. Sanders. 
Why was Gov. Healey named? For her election win in Massachusetts.
So why wasn’t Gov. Sanders named too? Arkansas Lt. Gov. Leslie Rutledge said:
“Here in Arkansas, we have broken many glass ceilings and I would like to see Republican women recognized for our accomplishments.”
The only difference between the two was the party of the new Governors; which is why Republicans say there is a double standard embedded in Women’s History Month and call it Democratic Women’s History Month. 

Let me close today by touching on the argument of what caused inflation because we hear a lot of noise about it. Well here’s a quote from the great Milton Friedman. If you don’t know who he was, here’s a quick synopsis.
Milton Friedman was an American economist and statistician who received the 1976 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences for his research on consumption analysis, monetary history and theory and the complexity of stabilization policy. 
Here he is on inflation:
“Inflation is made in Washington because only Washington can create money. It’s always and everywhere a result of too much money, of a more rapid increase in the quantity of money than in output. Inflation in the United States is made in Washington and nowhere else.”
Does that definition fit the spending we have done? It does to me.

Here’s Hoping The Rest Of The Week Goes Well.

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