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The NYT had this story:
Fox News was panicked over its ratings after Biden won the presidency and then proceeded to promote false stories about the election.
I find that hard to believe. They seem pretty bright over there. Just look at their ratings versus cable news competitors.
In the real world their ratings would raise as the opposition came in and governed.
Didn’t MSNBC ratings rise big time while Trump was in office? Why?
Their viewers wanted a place to go and feel comfortable.
Fox knew their ratings would be better with a Democratic President, and the gap between them and the other two cable news networks has widened.
All the news you fit to print is the NYT motto. How about accurate news?

If you wondered what happened to former Ohio Gov. John Kasich, here’s an update. He is now on MSNBC and NBC as a contributor. Surprised or expected?

Lot’s of give and take yesterday on the President’s veto of the ESG bill. Amazing once again on how the media lets him get away with mistruths. He continues to say he vetoed the bill so you can get a greater return and advisors can consider ESG companies.
The bill didn’t exclude anything. It allowed advisors to make decisions for the greater return, in their opinion, and not have to include ESG.
The reality is that a review of returns showed ESG funds clearly under performed investments that did not include them.
The bill required fiduciaries to invest based on expected financial returns – period. Which is exactly how I want my money managed.
How come the NYT can’t print that?

Here’s an interesting poll released by the Economist on favorable and unfavorable ratings of D.C. leaders:
President Joe Biden – 47/50 … Vice President Kamala Harris – 40/51 … 
Speaker Kevin McCarthy – 39/38 … Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell – 26/55 … 
Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer – 35/43 … House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries – 29/28.
Remember when the media told us that McCarthy had no chance to succeed?
Now ask yourself what the ratings would be if it were just media opinions.  

Some Light Hearted Thoughts This Morning.

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