Of All Issues, Really?

First, its Donald Trump who is reporting that he will be indicted tomorrow, so we are unsure if there is one coming, even this week.
Second, really, Alan Bragg, this is your claim of justice? A payout in 2016 where the statute of limitations has be interpreted before you get to court? Two years is the limit for the charge, five years if you make it a felony charge. But you are going to claim, because of Covid and he moved out of NY, that it is extended?
Really, this is the best you’ve got?
This from you, who refuses to lock up criminals in a city where crime is out of control?
Simply ridiculous, from a ridiculous Soros backed DA.

Now, the immediate reaction will be an uptick in the former President’s popularity, simply because of the double standard of all this.
Longer term, it will hurt the former President as it will be a reminder of all the baggage he carries.
I warn Democrats again that Donald Trump is the best candidate to run against. Why they want to drive him out is something I don’t understand.

This may well cause Republicans to double down on hearings and charges against the current President’s family. There will be a reaction, even if the MSM refuses to cover the Chinese dollar charges. The noise from the Republicans will get louder.

On that, you would think the MSM would be curious as to why even the President’s daughter-in-law, a school counselor, received money from the CCP.

We find it funny, too, that the name Michael Avenatti hasn’t come up. Remember him and his antics a few years ago? Remember when CNN and MSNBC were touting him as a Presidential candidate against the former President? Of course, he’s been convicted and doing time for his illegal activity in this case and others.

Now, Donald Trump calling on his supporters to protest in the streets this week when he is indicted, is far too reminiscent of his words for Jan. 6th. If crowds do gather, I would suggest they do not even drop a candy wrapper.

The NYT had this write up this morning on why the charges should go forward.
“The evidence that Trump broke the law seems substantial: It includes testimony from Cohen and others, as well as Trump’s personal checks to Cohen. The hush money and the cover-up of it, in the final weeks of a close presidential race, seem to have been a brazen violation of campaign finance rules. To overlook the violation could encourage future candidates to ignore the law, too.”
Okay, now answer this.
Should the President’s lie in the debate and the cover up of Hunter’s laptop in the 2020 election face the same review and charge? The President said it was false. Fifty-one former officials helped cover it up. The DA in Delaware allowed the lie to stand. The FBI knew it was real. Should they all be charged?
We need one system of justice in this nation and if you’re fair you see the difference right now.

On top of all this noise, the MSM had another Trump story all weekend. It was that he failed to report foreign gifts. The example cited was a painting of him (Trump) given by the president of El Salvador, as well as golf clubs from the prime minister of Japan. This was major news.

Meanwhile, Hunter Biden filed a countersuit against the computer repair shop owner to whom he dropped off his computer, who said that Biden dropped his laptop off and never claimed it. He is not claiming the laptop is his but that material distributed should not have been done.
The argument here is did the shop owner have legal right to the material because Hunter’s attorney’s claims the wording was so small at the end of the agreement.

The More We Hear About A Double Standard Of Justice, The More It Shakes The Nation’s Foundation.

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