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I am watching local and national news, and there is a drumbeat everyday about some right of center official and their possible misdoings. Over and over, everyday.
Just now it was more on Santos and President Trump.
If you watch the news regularly you walk away thinking one side is totally corrupt and the other virtuous and trying to save the nation.
Enough already.
The one sidedness of this coverage is doing damage to our nation.
Let me explain my frustration.

I’ve made clear my thoughts on the former President and his ego personality, but It’s been seven years of Donald Trump stories. Exactly what crime has he ever been convicted of, ever?
None that I know of.
Now there are other politicians who have spent their careers in Washington, DC, on a government salary, and are worth tens of millions. How did that happen?
Do you ever wonder?

Now think about these stories that the same media covered extensively, and because of that, how many believe them true today.
President Trump’s campaign colluded with Russia. – False.
The Steele Dossier was real. – False
In fact, Trump was a Russian asset. – False
Hunter Biden’s laptop wasn’t real. – False
The information from the laptop was Russian misinformation. – False
Fifty former intelligence agents say the laptop is not real. – False
Covid was begun in a lab was a racist right wing charge. – False
Nick Sandman, the young pro life marcher, initiated action against a Native American. – False
In Ferguson, the young man had his hands up and said don’t shoot. – False

There are so many more, but yet all we hear on the MSM is this drumbeat against anyone who espouses traditional or right wing values.
The media is the problem.
A free media is a must in a free society, but a biased media, reporting only one side and often repeating a false narrative like Russian Collusion and the Laptop is not real for years, is a problem.

Why isn’t the MSM interested in how Hunter Biden got all those jobs with foreign countries and businesses of places his father had influence? If it were a Trump or DeSantis kid, would they?
Why did a story break about millions of dollars from China going to Hunter and his uncle, that was released as part of a Bank of America subpoena get, no coverage today in the MSM?
How come every time Adam Schiff lied about evidence it was covered as fact, and this actual fact is not covered?

We are going down a dangerous path here, and there is no one to report it because the reporters are all on one side. When you see surveys that say 90+% of the media vote one way, you understand why it’s an issue.
When they meet to decide what to cover, there is bias in the room.
When they write the story there is a bias, and they may not even realize it because no one is there to say it.
When they read the story, the tone of voice and facial expressions express their bias and, again, no one is there to disagree.

This blog has long said the media is the problem. Somehow it must be fixed or we will end up with a truly divided nation forever.

Venting On A Wednesday Morning.

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