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The origins of Covid hearing yesterday just raised my interest more as to why we don’t have a leadership drive to get to the bottom of where it began. Why is that?
Former CDC Director Robert Redfield told the committee that his former colleague, Anthony Fauci, and former National Institutes of Health Director, Francis Collins, froze him out of discussions on Covid-19’s origins.
He said the reason was:
“It was told to me that they wanted a single narrative and then I obviously had a different point of view.” Redfield’s view was that covid came out of the Wuhan lab.
The more the hearings go, the more I want to know.
If it came from the lab, which looks more and more plausible, why is Dr. Fauci fighting that so hard? What are we covering up?
Even the MSM is beginning to cover the story, so I think it may be around for awhile.

Speaking of the media, it remains the problem in my opinion.
This morning the MSM was reporting at length the Justice Department report that found the Louisville police have engaged in a pattern of violating constitutional rights and discrimination against the Black community.
I didn’t see the same reporting on right leaning channels.
On the other hand, I didn’t see any reporting from the MSM on three police officers shot in LA last night.
What happened to non biased coverage?
The old “we report, you decide” news coverage?
People recognize the biased coverage and the media has lost all respect. Here’s a recent survey:
Gallup reported that 72% of Americans trusted the media not very much or not at all. That’s the worst response set since Gallup started asking the question back in 1972.

A poll out of New Hampshire today points out the issue Republicans have with former President Trump.
The former President holds a 41-percentage point lead in a hypothetical Republican primary.
He has 58% support. Governor DeSantis 17%, followed by Governor Chris Sununu at 7%, former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley at 6%, and former Vice President Mike Pence at 4%.
Good news for the former President and his supporters, right?
Now, the news for President Biden is not so good:
“In the Democratic primary, a majority, 55%, of Democratic primary voters think President Biden should not be the 2024 Democratic nominee, while 44% think he should be.”
From those primary polling numbers, things look good for Trump in a state he lost, right?
In a hypothetical 2024 presidential race between Mr. Trump and Mr. Biden, the sitting president leads the former president 42% to 38%. Another 16% would support someone else and 4% are undecided.
A caution to Republican voters, you better think the November electorate and not just primary.

On issues, we pointed out how Republicans better get settled on one with abortion because it will destroy them. Well, here’s one Democrats better focus on:
A Rasmussen national survey shows that dissatisfied parents and taxpayers are increasingly supportive of school choice.
The survey found that 56% of voters believe school choice programs offer better educational opportunities for students. Only 15% say they do not.
Parents want real education for their kids and are not trusting public schools much these days. Free choice is a real issue.

One more thing on politics this AM. Florida Gov. DeSantis’ new book debuted in the top spot for sales in the NYT’s Best Sellers list. The story indicated it did so without any sign it relied on bulk purchases to pad sales.

At noon today President Biden will release his budget and plans. Buckle up for the discussion to follow.
Here are some aspects that will appeal to segments of voters:
A 25% minimum tax on the richest of Americans. 
An increase in the top tax rate for Americans making $400,000 a year to 39.6% from 37%. (Remember state taxes are on top of this – ie: California 12.4%.)
One place he wants to raise taxes, that I disagree with, is the corporate tax rate. He wants to raise it to 28%.
In my opinion all that does is raise prices, because it is passed on and drives corporations back overseas to low tax countries.
Higher taxes for oil and gas companies. Makes me wonder if this will drive them to drill more.
Reduce the cost of prescription drugs by imposing new rules on the pharmaceutical industry. (We need the details here. We all want lower prices, as long as it doesn’t impact new development.)
Less money for Covid. This is long overdue, and how we will reduce the deficit somewhat, but we will be adding trillions to the deficit anyway.  
New taxes to shore up Medicare:  The budget will propose hiking payroll taxes on Americans making over $400,000 per year, as we reported yesterday, because medicare is heading for bankruptcy.

Much To Watch And Ponder Today.

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