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Questions I Don’t Understand

Why do government agencies continue to say the Covid Virus began in the lab, but the federal government not care to ask and investigate?
Is it true that the President never raised the issue in his meetings with Chinese leadership?
Why? Don’t they care about the million plus citizens who died from it?
Was Dr. Fauci really told on day one it had to be from the lab and then pushed a different scenario?
Why is it that the American People want the answer, but the media is not beating a drumbeat about it?

How come Republicans don’t realize they failed in 2022 because of the abortion issue?
Why don’t they realize their position may be a moral one but it is in opposition to the majority and a trigger issue?
Why are they falling into the same trap for 2024?
Why aren’t they on the side of the great majority which places a limit on the time for an abortion?
How come they don’t realize that they have to make the left the extreme, supporting abortion until birth?
If they don’t get in front of this issue they will be left behind at the ballot box.

Shouldn’t there have been more coverage of transportation secretary Buttigieg’s admissions this past week?
He said he should have gone to East Palestine, Ohio earlier.
On the ground there, he had said he didn’t want to interfere.
He said he failed to anticipate the political fallout from the toxic train derailment.
Failed to anticipate? You are the head of transportation for the nation.
Political fallout? What about the health of our fellow citizens. Politics doesn’t matter here.
Is the MSM treating Secretary Pete the same they would a Republican?

How long are Republican 2024 candidates going to be able to campaign without criticizing Jan. 6th and the stolen election claims?
At some point one will lead and stand up. I think it will be a short term hit for them, but a long term gain.

Why are Democratic officials still pushing for charges against Donald Trump in N.Y., Georgia and from Jan. 6th?
Don’t they realize he is the best candidate for them to run against and retain the Presidency, hold the senate and win the house?
Wasn’t 2022 and the Trump backed Senate candidates all the proof they need?

On 2024, isn’t it going to be interesting to watch Senators Jon Testa and Joe Manchin and see how they try to walk the tight rope on supporting the Biden agenda in pro Republican states?
Will they be able to fool the people with anti administration votes on issues where their vote is not needed, but reliable yes votes where it is?
The first test may be this week (Thursday) as the President presents his new budget.

With the defeat of Mayor Lightfoot in Chicago, getting only 17% of the vote, does it register with the left that crime is a real issue in America?
That citizens, even their most loyal voters, want safe streets, transportation and shopping?
That the letting of criminals walk is not popular?
Did the President reversing and snubbing the crime law in Washington DC send them a message?

So, former Maryland Governor Larry Hogan examined the landscape and decided a run for the Republican nomination was out of the cards.
Did he really think he had a shot?
He managed to anger both the pro and anti Trump parts of the party. Who was he appealing to?
If he wanted to stay in politics, he could have run (and won) the Maryland Senate seat last year.

Just Questions On My Mind This Monday Morning.

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