Just A Few Things….

One more comment from the Congressional Budget Office yesterday. They said the Social Security will run short of funds in 2032, a year earlier than expected. 
What that would mean, they said, is:: Beneficiaries would see a more than 20 percent reduction of benefits.
I ask again, who’s misleading the public?

Did you see and hear that Sen. John Fetterman checked himself into Walter Reed Medical Center to seek treatment for clinical depression? It’s been a long time problem for him they said.
Did the electorate in Pennsylvania  know this before the election?
Which leads back to the question, isn’t it great to be a Democrat and have the media on your side?

Did you know that the gunman who shot and killed three students at Michigan State University was arrested for carrying a gun months ago, but the prosecutor dropped the illegal carry charge? If they hadn’t, he would still be in jail.
Isn’t this an example of Woke politics causing lives and hardship? 

So the President finally spoke on the balloons and the shooting we did. What an embarrassment, and how much are foreign leaders laughing at us?
We let the Chinese balloon go across the nation and then shot it down.
Then we shot down a hobby team balloon and two others that might have been car dealership balloons.
Senator Tom Cotton may have said it best.
“President Biden acknowledges that he shot down three runaway weather balloons, yet he had a ‘Chinese spy balloon’ in his sights over the Aleutians, failed to take the shot, and let it float across America. The CCP is laughing at him, which is dangerous for America.”

Really, we couldn’t identify what the four were? We spent $1.6 million dollars in bombs alone to take down three hobby balloons?

It was just that kind of week.

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