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Yes, Nikki Haley is in.
If she runs a strong intelligent campaign she has a real shot of ending up as the VP candidate for anyone not named Trump.

Yes, Senator Diane Feinstein is out.
The California Democrats are going to have a donnybrook of a primary. With California’s system of the top two facing off in the general election, it could get even more interesting.

Yes, Donald Trump is running, but he is not gaining traction.
Yes, the more candidates in the race the better for him, as they will divide the “not Trump” vote.

No one I know is excited at the possibility of another Trump vs. Biden race. No one.

Trump may finally be seeing the light on early voting. Here’s his latest fund raising letter:
“The radical Democrats have used ballot harvesting to cancel out your vote and walk away with elections that they never should have won. But I’m doing something huge to fight back. Our presidential campaign will launch our own Ballot Harvesting Fund in the states where the Left has been cheating the system.
Please make a contribution to our brand new Ballot Harvesting Fund to harvest ballots in the states where we can, and beat the Democrats at their own game — for 1,500% impact.”

I wonder if Ronna McDaniel sees the light too? Here’s a little on ballot harvesting:
Twenty-five (25) states and Washington D.C. permit someone chosen by the voter to return a mail ballot in most cases.
Eleven (11) additional states allow only specified other people — for example, household members, caregivers, and family members to return ballots.
Only one state — Alabama — explicitly states that only the voter can return a ballot.

Yes, the budget deficit is real, and as rates rise it gets costly.
Interest payments are now the fastest-growing major expenditure in the federal budget.
The CBO predicts that interest rates will triple from $350 billion when the President came into office, to $1.1 trillion in eight years.
This fiscal year interest payments are running about $30 billion ahead of last year.
There are two reasons:
One: The debt is $4 trillion higher now.
Two: The Fed is raising interest rates to slow inflation, which means that when federal bonds come due, they have to be refinanced at higher rates.

The bottom line is more and more of your taxes go toward paying the interest on the debt. So, how do you propose and introduce more spending programs to make the debt and costs higher?

No, I don’t understand the silence on the balloon shootdowns anymore than anyone else. Why, and how is the MSM allowing the administration to get away with it?
They don’t know what they shot down the last three times? Really?
Would you believe a President could go ten days without saying anything?

Now the VP said this morning that the recent downing of a suspected Chinese spy balloon over U.S. waters shouldn’t have an impact on diplomatic relations between the two nations. 
Really, again? Why is that?

I Wonder Why We’re More Curious Than The Media.

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