Let’s Talk Social Security …

If you think social security and medicare are fully funded, if you think the surpluses of the past were saved for any future shortfalls, and if you think one party is just mean and wants to take it away from seniors, well then I guess you believe in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy, too.
Now, if you don’t believe in those mystical characters, but still believe the social security myths, consider yourself a charter member of the fool me all the time club.

For the record, the surplus was used to try and reduce annual deficit spending and support programs you didn’t vote for.
It’s your retirement dollars you say? The government spent it.
When does the system run out of funds?
Medicare’s trust fund runs out of money around 2028, and Social Security around 2034.
Then what?
Well, why don’t you ask the politicians who are telling you there is no issue?
I am curious about their answer.
Because what will happen is two things.
First, to assure no one loses benefits, they will raise the salary limits that they stop taking out the tax.
That means your payroll tax will be extended and your employer will pay more for every employee and the price of goods will rise.
Second, they will borrow more and begin passing an even larger debt to our kids and grandkids.

That debt will at some point become so large it will collapse of our system and nation.
You cannot borrow, never pay back, and survive as a nation. Ask Greece.

The fallacy of all this is the government insists they have to save for your retirement because they can’t trust individuals to do it on our own.
Once again we have to compensate for those not responsible enough to do the right thing.
You, who would do the right thing, shall get less to compensate for those who will not.
Punishment for the responsible.

I remind you, too, your employer matches the contribution you make. So from the first day you go to work almost 13% of your salary goes into the government’s hands – in your name supposedly.
Those of you happy with social security should know this:
If that money was invested as your 401K is, your retirement check would be four times the social security amount. Why can’t you have a 401K type program?
The government doesn’t want you to have options to invest with, they want the money to pay bills they created without funding.

Thus, not only did they spend your money, bankrupt the system, create future debt for your kids, but they short changed you too.

That doesn’t deter them, now they want to tell you someone wants to take it away from you, when they have stolen it from hour one of your first day of work.

Here’s some charts for you.
Think about what the President is saying and the compliant media is allowing as you view it.

Here’s the Medicare chart:

Now look at this and what we are passing on:

Finally, for those of you who do it right and prepare for retirement, remember this.
Because you prepared, you will pay double for Medicare than those who spent it all, prepared for nothing and are the same age.
You did it right?
Okay, then you win, by paying more because you saved. And the more you saved, the more you will pay because others didn’t.
If you ask me, we should be rewarding those who do it right and not penalizing them.
As long as politicians can scare the people by saying their opponent wants to take away their money and people believe it, you lose.
The politicians in office the past 60 years have stolen your money, not anyone trying to fix a broken system.

That’s My Opinion.

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