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The news reporting on the SOTU was like we all thought.
Here’s the New York Times fact checker report:
 “The president’s speech contained no outright falsehoods, but at times omitted crucial context or exaggerated the facts.” 
That was the same for the left leaning media who thought the President hit a “home run.”

Here’s a report on the same speech from The Committee To Unleash Prosperity that represents another view:
No, Joe didn’t inherit an economy “in ruins.” The economy grew by almost 11% in the six months BEFORE Biden took office.
No, Joe hasn’t allowed more oil and gas development.  New drilling permits have fallen to their lowest level in 50 years.
No, the border isn’t under control. An all-time high, two million illegals last year entered – that we even know about.
No, Joe hasn’t “lowered gas prices.” They were $2.59 when he entered the office and now are $3.49 a gallon.
No, we are not making progress on the deficit. By the end of this year, Biden will have added well more than $5 trillion of deficit spending. 
No, Joe, inflation isn’t under control. The CPI was 1.4% in January 2021 and 6.5% in 2023. Inflation has run ahead of wages every month.

So, you decide what’s truth and where your sentiments are. Maybe that old Reagan question would be good to ask with a timeline revision.
Are you better off today than you were two years ago?

Just A Few Other Thoughts Today

It looks to me like the President is running for reelection. It looks like a crowded field on the Republican side.
Do you know when the last time was we had a rematch election with Republican and Democratic candidates?
The answer is 1956.
That’s a long time ago. It could happen, but I don’t think so.

We wrote of war creep a few weeks ago when allies agreed to send the tanks Ukraine wanted. Here’s another:
The U.K. is considering sending advanced jets to Ukraine and will begin training Ukrainian pilots in coming months.
After Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky made an emotional plea to the British Parliament for more military aid, U.K. officials said that Prime Minister Rishi Sunak had tasked his defense minister with analyzing which Jets Britain might send adding that no final decision had been made and that it could take a significant amount of time before pilots were fully trained.

In the state of the union the President made mention of controlling the border and illegal drugs like Fentanyl killing 80,000 of our citizens last year.
Well, here’s something we should all hear about from the media:
One single sector of the southern border saw more than 10,000 illegal drone incursions from Mexico last year, a senior Border Patrol agent told Congress. One sector!!
The next time they tell you how well they are doing stopping drugs and closing the border, remember that.

As for viewership of the SOTU there were 23 million viewers the other night versus 38 million last year.

Stay Updated.

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