Shot From The Sky…

I watched the reports as the balloon moved across the country and could tell by the comments that when it reached the Atlantic Ocean action would be taken against it. After it crossed the entire nation.
Then I thought what would any other President in my lifetime have done. With the possible exception of one, there is no question that the balloon would have been shot down upon entering our air space.
I know the administration will claim victory here, but allowing that balloon to fly over the mainland is no victory.
It was a disgrace.
As for the argument that falling debris could harm people, I have news for them. Alaska is U.S. territory. When that balloon crossed their air space it should have been taken down, not hidden from us.

Well, the Democratic National Committee went ahead and voted to make South Carolina the first primary for them in 2024.
Remember, it was S.C. that turned it all around for Joe Biden in 2020 after disasters in Iowa and N.H.
Since The President’s team pushed this change, it should be the real indicator that he is running for reelection.
Now this change is not going over well in Iowa and N.H. The latter actually has a state law that says they must be first in the nation.
This will be interesting to watch and will certainly hurt the President in both states. But he had to do it; he couldn’t face losing two early primaries again and not getting renominated.

On the other side, Nikki Haley is kicking off her bid by going to both states.

Meanwhile, the exodus (after two years) from the White House continues with economic adviser Brian Deese leaving his position later this month. There will be more; it’s normal at this juncture.

Here’s more proof that there is a real anger at Arizona Senator Sinema for deviating from the party line. You remember we told you a progressive congressional member has already announced he is running against her.
Add this:
A coalition of left-leaning activist groups, including local groups in Arizona, have filed a complaint with the Senate Ethics Committee accusing her of improperly using Senate staff for personal errands.

Speaking of early Senate activity, did you hear this?
Nancy Pelosi endorsed Adam Schiff in California’s Senate primary, on the condition that Sen. Feinstein does not run again. 
Now if she does, then Nancy said she is for Feinstein, but the 89 year old senator is in no condition to run.
This will be a fun one to watch as the field is already crowded.

If you’re worried about your gas stove, have no fear. Here is the reliable Senator Joe Manchin on the issue:
“I don’t like where I think they’re going with this,” he said. “I can tell you one thing: They’re not taking my gas stove out.”
You know Joe is a man of his word —- as long as he’s not the deciding word, of course.

The noise from the progressives on Rep. Omar being denied a seat on the Foreign Relations Committee was loud. Here’s Omar herself:
I am Muslim. I am an immigrant and, interestingly, from Africa. Is anyone surprised that I’m being targeted? Is anyone surprised that I am somehow deemed unworthy to speak about American foreign policy?”
Oh, yours is racial?
Does that mean Schiff and Swalwell were justified then? He (Schiff) was standing next to you when you were speaking.
I guess none of the words you spouted had any bearing right?

Lastly, today I was reading a magazine this weekend (The American Legion), and they had an article entitled “Power Up.”
Two small boxes caught my eye. They said:
“1957, The last year the United States produced as much oil as it consumed until 2019.”
“2018, The year the United States passed Russia and Saudi Arabia as the world’s largest oil producer.”
It was a 50 year pursuit to become energy independent since the 1973 oil embargo.
We finally did it, and then what happened? Think Keystone and U.S. energy polices.

I’m going to leave that there. I think you know the answer.

Hope You Have A Great Week.

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