Off We Go…

Slowly You See 2024 Unfolding

Yesterday it was Nikki Haley indicating she is in for the Republican Primary.
Today it’s former Maryland Governor Larry Hogan heading to New Hampshire.
Then you see the subtle and not so subtle shots that former President Trump and Governor Desantis are beginning to take.

So, we’re off, and the field on the Republican side is going to get big.
Advantage of a big field goes to Donald Trump. His loyal supporters in the party will stick with him. The bigger the field, the better chance for the former President.
The problem, of course, is that winning a Republican Primary means the General Election is less winnable, even against President Biden.

On the Democratic side the players are at the gate awaiting the President’s decision to run for reelection.
If he goes, that will shrink the field, though someone will challenge him.
If he bows out, the field widens and we will have two donnybrooks to look forward to.

In either case, we’re off. Buckle up and pay attention. We need to get this one right.

One issue front and center will be what the purpose of the meeting yesterday was about between the President and Speaker McCarthy. The national debt.
How do we go about getting it under control, or do we? More taxes? Less spending? Let’s hope the American people pay attention to this one. How we are passing this on to our kids is a real issue for me.
Plus, you are going to be surprised at the cost of the debt payment soon.

It won’t be just the Presidency either. Already, Rep. Ruben Gallego has his primary plan against Sen. Simema. The Senate will be up for grabs, which makes the top of each ticket that much more important.

It looks like Rep. Omar may be ousted from the foreign relationship committee after all. A Republican lawmaker abruptly switched course yesterday announcing that she will support the effort to remove her.
McCarthy argued that when Pelosi and team denied two Republicans last congress they denied them for “all committees.” Here they are not doing that, just one committee for Reps. Omar, Schiff and Swalwell.

Is it just me or has the MSM actually done more reporting on Rep. Santos (who should be removed from office) than they have on Hunter Bides’s laptop, which he now says is real?
Of course, Santos is a Republican. I wish they would cover the lies of Schiff, Swalwell and the ones the President has made, too. (If you don’t think the President has told an incredible number of lies, I suggest you google it. Go back to his days at Syracuse U., the driver of the truck that took his first wife’s life, the first husband of Jill and continue on from there.)

Here’s an interesting TV watch report from Nielsen Ratings.
Fox News Channel finished January by surpassing both CNN and MSNBC, airing 99 of the top 100 cable news telecasts for the entire month. 99 of the top 100 on one channel!
I think you will find this interesting too:
“Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo” earned the top-rated spot across the board for the weekend, with an audience of 1.7 million viewers during the month. That is in contrast to CNN’s “Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace,” which averaged 365,000 viewers.

We’re Off on 2024.

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