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Those among us using illegal drugs are supporting everything they say they are against. They do so having no clue they are a part of the problem.
You might think your little stash or snort is no big thing, but you are wrong. You are supporting a culture of illegal activity. You are funding all that illegal drug trade coming across the border.
You are allowing drugs to flourish in your neighborhood, state and nation. You are supporting its expansion, and you may take pride in that “you can control usage;” that does not mean the same for others.
Let me explain:
Here’s a report from the National Center For Drug Abuse Statistics:
80% – The percentage of prison inmates who abuse drugs or alcohol.
244K – The number of Americans sent to prison annually for drug related crimes.
Here’s a study from the State of Connecticut:
The State Department of Correction needs nearly $5 million to provide adequate health care in Connecticut’s prisons where 80 percent of inmates suffer from mental health or substance abuse issues that require treatment.
A state Sentencing Commission report, set to be released in March, shows that nearly 80 percent of Connecticut inmates have a mental health or substance abuse issue that requires treatment.

Substance abuse is behind so much of the crime we suffer today. One study linked 86% of murders to drug use.
Television, movies and lifestyles might portray drug abuse as fun and glamorous, but it is the opposite, and if you are supporting this illegal activity, you are part of the problem and need to look in the mirror.

Some News Headlines That Caught My Eye

This one needs no explanation.
The government doled out nearly 100,000 pandemic loans to people whose applications were filed using suspect Social Security numbers, government investigators revealed Monday. The suspicious applications were awarded $5.4 billion from the Small Business Administration.

The President now says he will end the Covid program on May 11th.
It should be over already, and people should be paying their own way and their own loans. Enough already.

A third Republican has announced she will not support keeping Rep. Omar off the Foreign Relationship Committee. I still think that should be the case. You can’t deny people for their views. Each party decides who represents them.
Now Schiff and Swalwell are different. They lied about the intelligence and have forfeited their right to sit on that committee. They mislead America and cost us millions of dollars and pain to go with it.
In fact, former Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, wrote this:
He held back sensitive information from Rep. Schiff out of concerns it would leak to persons who shouldn’t receive it. “When we provided information to him and to his staff, it ended up in places it shouldn’t have been with alarming regularity,” Mr. Pompeo explained. “In the end, I decided, I held back information from them as a result.”

Ronna McDaniel was re-elected as chair of the Republican National Committee.  Someone tell me what she did to earn a fourth term.

Remember all the talk of the new voting laws in Georgia and how they were designed to suppress the vote? Remember Major League Baseball moving its all star game?
Well, the results are in:
2022 saw the highest-ever turnout for a midterm election in Georgia’s history. A new University of Georgia survey of Georgia voters found ZERO percent of black respondents said their voting experience in Georgia was poor in 2022.
Remember when President Biden gave that speech in Georgia in which he said that segregationists were using “election subversion” to implement “Jim Crow 2.0” using a new election law.?
He and those who tried to use race as an issue were wrong. Will the media tell you?

Just Another Day Of Noise.

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