The Friday News Cycle…

More and More – The Friday News

It seems more and more that news is held to break late Friday just because the weekend news cycle means less coverage.
It actually behooves the interested and concerned citizen to pay more attention.
There are at least three news stories breaking this Friday afternoon into the evening:
1. For some reason the Memphis police have decided to release their video of the five officers that they arrested for second degree murder until late Friday.
I don’t see how that’s a good idea with the weekend ahead, but we’ll see.
2. The San Francisco Police are going to release the body cam of the Paul Pelosi incident this afternoon, too.
That seems like a better idea to try and keep coverage low. They don’t want coverage of this.
By the way, all the daily news blogs this AM from Politico, Punchbowl, Axios and The Free Press never mentioned this in their morning editions today. They already have low coverage!
3. Then, the RNC is having its vote to choose their new leader today. I’m sure when they planned this meeting last year they had not idea it would be such a contentious choice.

Lot’s of news tonight. You may want to stay tuned on Friday nights now.

From The Committee To Unleash Prosperity

We have long talked about social security and how the system does not do you justice for retirement.
Here’s a view from “The Committee to Unleash Prosperity” that they published last night:

Welcome To America’s Greatest Ponzi Scheme: Social Security
You don’t have to believe us, here’s how the Congressional Budget put it:

Without legislative action, CBO estimates that benefits would be automatically cut by 23 percent across the board upon insolvency.
We’ve pointed out many times that if Congress had simply allowed baby boomers the option of putting 10% of their paychecks into a 401k plan, they’d receive benefits almost twice as high as Social Security promises.  Now they aren’t even going to get that. Now the CBO report confirms today’s young workers will get screwed even worse. 
Bernie Madoff and crypto thief Samuel Bankman-Fried were pikers compared to Congress. Someone, please explain how a Ponzi scheme like this is a “success.” 

Think about what they said here. Your return is way below what it would be if they truly created a retirement program for the individual.
Second, the Congressional Budget Office says the system is going bankrupt.
Simply because they used the social security money to get the annual budget more in balance and did not save it to pay for the retirement fund. Digest that for a second. They spent it on programs today.
It was your retirement funds that they took out of your pay – AND – had your employer match the 6.25% tax.
That is/was 13% of your salary going into YOUR RETIREMENT that they spent on programs they wanted.
Our leaders failed us, and every time someone says we need to fix the system the left runs out and says we want to take people’s social security away. The media covers them as if they are telling the truth.
In the end our children and grandchildren will have a bankrupt system – soon, too – as we once again lived for today and failed to protect tomorrow.

I’m Going To Leave That Here For All To Think About.

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