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News That Raised Questions For Me – Really

Gasoline prices are rising again (40 cents over the past month). So the administration kept touting they brought prices down “over last year,” do they now own this rise?
Plus, the prices since they took office are up over 50%. Do they own that?
Really, it seems they only own when there is a drop from the record heights they took it to.

Really, this is what Meta (Facebook) is now saying as they reinstate Donald Trump?
“The public should be able to hear what their politicians are saying — the good, the bad and the ugly — so that they can make informed choices at the ballot box.” 
What, now? Really? After what you, Twitter and others did to influence an election, you say this?
How do we suspend you for hiding the truth about the laptop and the false Russian Collusion stories?

Really, the President said House Republicans are “fiscally demented?”
Wait, the national debt went up by 4.3 trillion in his first two years in office. That’s almost 14% of the total debt for our entire history. Why are Republicans demented for saying we have to get the deficit under control?

I am watching Democratic leaders, including the President, chastise those discussing the debt and saying we need to get control. Of course, it was “they want to cut your social security and medicare.”
I think it’s time for Republican leaders to go before the cameras and say “we are trying to save a system that will go bankrupt according to government regulators. If you allow them to hide the facts, when the system goes under; remember it was them who said it wasn’t an issue.”
Folks, if we don’t solve the spending and allow personal greed to rule the day, the entire economic system of the nation is going to decline. Just check history and why others who led the world failed.

Really, we’ve written here we don’t understand why we are not going hybrid with cars before we go full electric. Well Toyota and Hyundai made the bet that was the direction, and you can buy cars from them that get over 50 miles per gallon.
But now with administration mandate of all electric, they have stopped investing in them.
Here’s an offshoot:
Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda, of Toyota’s founding family, is stepping down as chief of the world’s largest automaker.  He had approached the industry’s rapid embrace of electric vehicles with trepidation.

Really, there are numerous stories that Speaker McCarthy and House Minority Leader Jeffries are getting along and sharing things with each other.
Imagine that, leaders may be working together for the greater good of the nation and its citizens.
Where have you gone, Nancy Pelosi?

Speaking of McCarthy, he has received full support from his party to deny Reps. Schiff and Swalwell seats on the intelligence committee, but is getting pushback from the same for denying Rep. Omar her seat.
We agree with the pushback.
They denied two, just even the score and hope it goes away. Don’t escalate.
By the way, Schiff announced today that he is running for Senator in California.

Really, Donald Trump’s polls are up as the document scandal widens. What a side effect that is.
Meanwhile, his former Chief of Staff General Kelly, said this about the former President:
“He has this thing that he knows more than the generals, the economists, the geologists. He is incapable of saying, ‘I don’t know anything; I need some advice.'”

More Tomorrow.

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