Et Tu Pence?

Really, Mike Pence too? Now we know there is a problem with the system and control. We need a commission or a czar in place right now to get control of secret and top level documents. As disturbing as this all is, how could no one know so many documents are missing? The library knows the day after your book is overdue. Maybe they should hire one of those strict librarians with a ruler to assure everything is returned.

I don’t want to hear anymore the defense of President Biden’s documents that “Donald Trump ….” Stop. Wrong is wrong. The law is the law. They are both wrong. Trump does not justify Biden or vice a versa. You break the law, you own the crime.

But don’t worry, we convicted four more people this week for Jan. 6th, 2020 activity. All is under control.
Of course, because this was in Washington and the home of congress, it matters. You know that other group, who are really not a group, called Antifa? Well, in the last week they had riots in Boston and Atlanta. If we had a fair press they would tell you a little about the rioters.
Here’s an example:
The number three Democrat in the House now is Minority Whip Katherine Clark. Her son was arrested and charged with assaulting a police officer and other crimes. Now don’t you think assaulting a police officer by such a high profile person should be news? Did you hear it?
Would you have if it were McCarthy or Scalise’s kid?

Here’s another one of the be careful what you do because when you lose power it could come back to bite.
In the last Congress, Nancy Pelosi denied two Republicans seats on committees. It broke a precedent where party leaders were allowed to name their respective reps. The press praised the action, after all Paul Goser and Marjorie Greene were bad.
Well, yesterday, McCarthy paid back the favor. Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell were denied seats on the House Intelligence committee, Rep. Schiff for lying about Russian Collusion and Swalwell for dating a Chinese Spy.
For good measure Rep. Omar was denied a seat on the foreign relations committee for her spoken words and views on Isreal.
For me, I wish it would have ended with Schiff and Swalwell and we would be even with no more in the future. I am afraid we are escalating things now, but I don’t feel sorry for Schiff or Swalwell.

Did you follow the story of Hunter Biden going to court to fight his four year old daughter born from an affair with a stripper, from using his last name? He and the child’s mother are in court. The mother said the name is a benefit for the child. Hunter said it will harm the child.
You know what harms children? Parents not taking responsibility for their actions. Everything you do has consequences, and Hunter, you did the deed, the child is yours. She has the right to her name even if you and your dad try to deny her existence.
Where’s the coverage of this?

How about NYC Mayor Adams going to the border and saying something must be done. He further said “his city has no more room to house asylum seekers.” Oh, I see, now that it reached you in a limited matter it counts. You were a “proud” sanctuary city when it was Texas, Florida and Arizona with an issue. A few buses and the world looks different?

And On We Go.

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