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Today A Lot Like Yesterday

Almost as soon as the classifed documents were identified ,the spin began on why this was different than with Donald Trump.
There were “only a few,” they said.
It was “locked in a closet.”
He “didn’t know they were there.”
And the capper for me, “Biden tells the truth, Trump was a liar.”
All wrong.
As we said yesterday, if one was wrong they are both wrong, and they both are.
The number doesn’t matter, one is illegal, so a “small number” like ten is no different than fifty.
One is the magic number.
The President denying he knew they were there is even more dangerous. If he didn’t place the documents in his office closet, who did?
He said he “doesn’t know” what the documents are, his lawyers told him not to ask. What?
You are the President of the United States, you understand that? You better know about top secret documents out in the open.
As for one tells the truth and the other lies, that’s a lie. Trump had a problem with enhancing stories of himself, Biden has an outright problem with the truth.

And what’s with legal authorities?
The documents come to light a week before the midterms and after all the hoopla over Trump’s documents at Mar a Lago, and we are not told? Why? It certainly would have made for some interesting dialogue.
Before the 2020 election the FBI mislead us and social media on the authenticity of the Hunter Biden laptop by allowing lies to be told and even supporting them.
Then we had the whole two and a half year false Russian Collusion narrative.
Since when does the FBI take sides?

Speaking of the President, yesterday he was in Mexico for a North America Conference. Let me understand this now. The top six take aways are climate and economic equality?
Where was Fentanyl, the scourge that has taken hundreds of thousands of our citizens? That’s not important?
Where was the border crisis and help? Instead he takes praise for “not building one meter of wall.”
If you’re satisfied with that, you are far to the left of this writer.

They Used To Call This War Creep

A story that hasn’t got much attention, but is certainly a step forward in U.S. involvement in the Russian/Uklraine war:
The Pentagon is planning to bring Ukrainian troops into the United States for training on the Patriot missile defense system, U.S. officials said Tuesday, signaling the White House’s latest test of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s threshold for Western intervention in the conflict.
Every involvement post WWII started with small steps.

Onto Another Day.

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