The Mid Terms End…

The mid terms ended with the Georgia run off and it put an exclamation point on the voting and a few messages:
– It’s not in your interest to be an election denier without provable evidence.
– The former President may hold sway with some primary voters, but that is bad politics for a general election.
– No one lost more with the candidates he selected and the results that occurred than Donald Trump.
– If you think Donald Trump and his chosen candidates were not the issue, consider this in Georgia.
Walker was the only statewide Republican candidate who lost. The GOP swept every other office — from governor to state insurance commissioner.
– There are four congressional seats that sit between four more years of the current policies and a check.
The 2024 election has already kicked off.
Both sides need to think about the candidates they want to back if they want to win.

Meanwhile, the jury in NY found Trump Organization guilty in an off the books compensation scheme to pay some executives in car leases, apartments and cash and avoid taxes. The fine is not a large one ($1.6 million) for the corporation, but the conviction is.
Now this is before the House got hold of the taxes that the former President would never release, so buckle up for that.
Don’t forget the other cases pending against the former President and his companies.
Oh yea, the head of the January 6th panel said his committee plans to recommend charges. He did not say against whom, but you may have an idea.

Speaking of convictions, there wasn’t much coverage but did you see or hear that Michael Avenatti was sentenced to jail on another charge for 14 years? He was sentenced for embezzling millions of dollars from four of his clients and ordered to pay nearly $11 million in restitution.
Proving again that you need to be careful in picking your heroes.

Some Follow Up From Earlier Stories

Yesterday I outlined the story about the FBI and its involvement in the hiding of the Hunter Biden Laptop story and content release. Well, later in the day Elon Musk fired the company’s general counsel (Jim Baker) for his role in covering up some of the material Twitter was releasing on why it banned the story.
Now Baker was the FBI’s general counsel and had played a role there in spreading the false Steele Dossier and a long connection to FBI and Trump stories.
Musk said this about the dismissal:
“In light of concerns about Baker’s possible role in suppression of information important to the public dialogue, he was exited from Twitter today.”
Now let’s be clear, not everyone at the FBI is the problem, but there is an issue at the top levels with some that appears to need immediate cleaning.

In a second follow up, Iranian leadership last night issued statements that they have not relaxed any face covering rules for woman. They called the reports “fake and misleading news” to say they did.

Remember we mentioned the plan for the Democrats to change the primary season states? Well New Hampshire, as reported, has a law they must be the first primary in the nation. (Iowa is a caucus for that reason.) Yesterday the Governor of N.H. said this about the Democratic request to change their law:
“An absolute joke.”

A Sign Of The Times

Not sure this story has been widely distributed but it is a sign of the time we are living in:
Fans of the iconic Disney theme park ride Splash Mountain have a little over a month to take one last ride.
Disney will close Splash Mountain permanently on January 23 because the company says it promotes “racial stereotypes.”
What and how you may be asking. Me too. Here’s what they said:
The ride, which opened in 1989, is based on the 1946 Disney film “Song of the South.” The film has fallen out of favor in recent years because, critics say, it offers a racially insensitive depiction of Reconstruction in the American South just after the end of the Civil War.

And That’s The World We Live In Today.

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  1. So,,,,the mid terms have come now and gone,,and to what avail,,words that I know of I cannot write here to explain WHAT KIND OF PEOPLE VOTED THE WAY THE DID,,,

    I know what has to be done,,and that that has to be done unfortunately cannot be done,,,SO I ASK YOU,,”WHAT THE HELL ARE WE DOING HERE writing and trying to do ,,WHAT ????”

    Until these idiots that voted the way they did,the democrats,,,what are we to do now with them and the conditions that they have created ?????,,,

    That’s it,,,I wash my hands of it,,,,, I can’t tolerate whats going on anymore and I do not want to be reminded about it..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I wish you all the best with this site,,from today on I will be forced to block it,,,

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