If I Have This Right…

The Hunter Biden Laptop And The FBI

If I have this right ,and it turns out to be true, then we have some real issues that the entire nation better wake up to.
The story is that the FBI had Hunter Biden’s laptop for over a year before it became public knowledge in October 2020.
Let’s digest that for a second.
The FBI had the laptop and knew all that was on there.
We know about the illegal drugs, photo’s, hookers and other stuff. Get past that, that was Hunter’s life.
The real issue is that there are the notes and messages that clearly indicate the President knew the foreign activity his son and brother were doing and was assisting and profiting from it.
Knowledge he denied knowing in interviews and at the 2020 presidential debate.
In fact, he called it Russian interference.

Over time we have learned the FBI did not disclose anything because they didn’t want to influence an election, feeling that Jim Comey may have influenced the one in 2016.

I guess you can argue that is righteous, though I would argue the possible influence on our President should be known. After all, we did go through four years of Russian Collusion and the charge that the former President was compromised. All of which proved untrue.
Add that the FBI, in pushing the false Steele Dossier, actually abetted the false charge and I would think that is taking a side.

Anyway, back to the current situation.
The FBI had the laptop for a year, knew of its content, allowed that phony letter from former CIA experts to say it was probably Russian disinformation and said nothing.
Except they did.

Now we learn the FBI alerted social media, like Twitter, that an October misinformation surprise was coming and would likely involve Biden’s son.
Stop and think about that for a second.

Now, how did they know it would be coming out?
Well, they were conducting surveillance on Rudy Guilani and, as you know, the store technician called him to give him a copy of the laptop because he was so afraid of the content and the FBI was doing nothing.

Knowing this the FBI informed social media heads of a likely misinformation campaign about to hit.
Except, it wasn’t misinformation. The laptop was real.

That is unacceptable and if factual then heads must roll at the FBI immediately.
To me, as I study this, that is what happened.

The next time someone mentions a threat to Democracy, you can tell them that there sure is. It is right before their eyes, they just don’t see it.

Think About This And What It Means If Proven.

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