Quotable’s From The Weekend…

NBC reported that Georgia has set new records for early voting ahead of Tuesday. More than 1.85 million have voted early. And the contest is drawing new voters. At least 76,000 Georgians who didn’t turn out in the Nov. 8 general election have voted early.
Wait, I thought you said that the new laws were designed to inhibit voting. Ready to admit you were wrong?

Senator Ernst of Iowa reacted to the Democrats changing their primary season and eliminating her home state:  “We have seen a number of pushes in the past to change this, I’m glad that Republicans are staying the course. I feel Democrats have really given middle America the middle finger.”
Does this make Iowa a red state now?

Interesting to see these two stories in the WSJ this morning on countries seeing protests now.
The country’s attorney general said Iran had disbanded its so-called morality police and is considering altering the requirement that women cover their heads in public.
Local authorities across China are paring back some of their strictest Covid-19 control measures, just days after public anger spilled over into rare protests against a zero-tolerance approach.

The Supreme Court gets another hot case this week sure to bring about controversy – which some want.
The justices will consider whether a website designer’s free-speech rights entitle her to turn away customers, based upon her religious beliefs. The plaintiffs were seeking online services for same sex marriages and the defendant turned them away, despite state law protecting LGBT individuals from discrimination.
Either way it will be big news.

Now for Trump News over the weekend…and he made news!
He called for terminating the Constitution due to “massive election fraud” after the Twitter document dump about their role in limiting access to a Hunter Biden story.
For accuracy purposes, here’s the direct quote on his “Truth Social” web site:

Now I would challenge you to go find those in public office who supported this – though, as you can see, he had 54,913 likes in the first 19 hours.

While on the subject of the Twitter release it was disgraceful how the networks, CNN and MSNBC failed to cover the story. Completely disgraceful, for a story they failed to cover prior to the election and now that they acknowledge is true, they still fail.
The media is the problem as we’ve said over and over. Just report fairly and we will all win.

And We’re Off To Another Week .

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