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Protests in China joined protests ongoing in Iran. China leader Xi, in power since 2012, never faced this and will not allow them to fester. If protests keep spreading, the Chinese Communist Party’s governing logic and words of former left hero, Mao Zedong will prevail – you must prevent a single spark from becoming a prairie fire.

Venezuela joined Saudi Arabia in promising increased oil. Now, with Saudi Arabia, the administration granted Saudi Arabian Crown Prince-turned-Prime Minister Mohammed bin Salman immunity from a lawsuit over his regime’s 2018 murder and cutting up into little pieces of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. The same man the President called a murderer and promised to bring action against. Think there was a deal here since the Saudi’s announced a cut after the face to face meeting of President Biden and bin Salman?
Now, with Venezuela, we are going to lift sanctions for this dictator to get oil revenue?
Why aren’t we unleashing American oil? We are doing 12 million barrels a day domestically, when the projection was for 15 million by now.
Again we ask what the difference to the environment is drilling elsewhere versus here. It’s the same environment, right?
As for the 9,000 leases the administration talked about yesterday, well how about asking the oil companies about them and the approval regulation process put in place.

This from The Hill:  
Democrats drastically outpaced Republicans in pre-Election Day voting in key battleground states this year, allowing the party and its candidates to run up a massive vote advantage heading into Nov. 8.
The Republicans, of course, banked on heavy Election Day turnout to overcome this.
But after the so-called red wave that Republicans had predicted ahead of the midterms failed to materialize, a growing number of influential Republican leaders and operatives say the party needs to compete with Democrats more aggressively when it comes to early and mail-in voting.
No kidding. How many elections do you need to lose to learn this?

Ronna McDaniel seems to have support to hold her job as head of the party. Why?
And look at who announced he is running against her:
The MyPillow Man himself, Mike Lindell announced that he is running to chair the Republican National Committee. 
“I am 100% running for the RNC chairman against Ronna McDaniel, I’m all in … and one of the things that one of the big donors said to me, he said, Mike, everybody wants you to be head of the RNC, some of them just don’t know it yet.” 
Count me as one who doesn’t, and doesn’t think he will ever think it’s a good idea.

Well, here’s a not so surprising statistical story out of New York:  
New York County’s top prosecutor has downgraded slightly more than half of all felony cases to misdemeanors in 2022, compared to 39% in 2019, according to new data.
Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg made criminal justice reform a key part of his 2021 campaign and directed staff to downgrade certain felonies so defendants wouldn’t face as much jail time.
A famous “day one” memo on downgrading charges resulted in a backlash from city police, and the district attorney backed off some changes.
Data analyzed shows Mr. Bragg declined to prosecute 35% more felony cases this year than in 2019.
The numbers also showed Mr. Bragg’s office wins a conviction when major felony charges are brought only 51% of the time, a decrease from 68% in 2019.

Don’t worry though, NYC voted 70% for its current Governor who promised to keep him in office and 30% for the Republican who promised to fire him on day one for not doing his job.

Hasn’t Elon Musk been fun to follow every day? He’s in the news consistently – almost Trump like.
Yesterday there was the story of Alyssa Milano selling her Tesla because he was opening Twitter. I thought we wanted free speech? Anyway, she announced she was buying a Volkswagen instead, oblivious, of course, to the fact that the company was started by Nazi’s to support Hitler.
Then Musk said “Yes” when asked on Twitter if he would support Ron DeSantis for president in 2024.
See, he’s a right wing conservative, and they knew it.
Musk also said he “voted for Biden over Trump” in 2020. Oh?
“My preference for the 2024 presidency is someone sensible and centrist.”
Then Musk announced he will release the reasons why Twitter banned the Biden Laptop story. Aren’t we all interested in that? That announcement caused havoc. Even the White House commented.

That’s the same laptop that CBS, 769 days after The New York Post ran the story, verified as real!!
The one that In 2020, Lesley Stahl (CBS) claimed ‘can’t be verified.’
Hey Leslie and CBS, you ran with a false Russian Collusion story for almost three years – how did you verify that? Please explain.

Let’s not forget Trump and his news over the weekend.
He was in the news for his dinner with Ye (Kanye West), who brought along a few friends, one who is identified as a white supremacist. Friends like Ye, Trump does not need.
Then he is facing legal challenges in four separate courts:
The Mar-a-Lago documents case:
The Justice Department will ask a federal appeals court in Atlanta to remove the special master from the case involving classified material from the estate.  
The Trump Organization Criminal Case In New York:
Prosecutors rested their case hoping to convict his company largely on the word of two top executives who cut deals before testifying that they schemed to avoid taxes on company-paid perks.
NYAG Civil Case:
A separate group of Trump lawyers will appear at a hearing as part of the NY AG’s lawsuit against Trump, his children and his company. The NYAG has already successfully installed a court-monitor to oversee parts of the company.
A Defamation Lawsuit:
Was filed by a former Elle columnist and GMA contributor E. Jean Carroll. She is also filing a claim for battery under a New York law that now allows alleged sex assault victims to sue regardless of time frame.

Then the Supreme Court announced it would not block a House committee access to Trump’s tax returns. If they are turned over, how long before they are leaked to the press? Days? Hours? Minutes?
The former President has refused to release these returns since the 2016 election.

Trump’s response to all this? His message to supporters (and request for funds):
“The journey ahead of us will not be easy. Anyone who truly seeks to take on this rigged and corrupt system will be faced with a storm of fire that only a few could withstand. We will be resisted by the combined forces of the establishment, the media … and the most dangerous domestic censorship system ever conceived,” the message advised.
“We will be attacked. We will be slandered. We will be persecuted, just as I have been from the beginning. But we will not be intimidated. We will persevere. And in the end, they will lose, and we will win. I did it before, and I will do it again. Will you vote for me a third time to be the 47th President of the United States?”

Now not all are buying the message for a lot of reasons, including loyalty. Look at this from former Rep. Lou Barletta from Pa., who Trump abandoned.
“I was one of his most loyal supporters in Congress. But loyalty was only a one-way street.”

Meanwhile, President Biden didn’t disappoint us, he didn’t do much over the weekend (outside the oil fiasco above), but he did do:
The eighth student loan pause on payments. Why? Jobs are plentiful he tells us, why are we delaying? It can’t be political can it?
The courts have consistently swatted down Biden’s attempt to unilaterally cancel or suspend student loans. The Constitution clearly states that only Congress has the authority to appropriate money. 
His actions have been deemed illegal. So he does a pause under Covid and a compliant press covers it up.

Then we hear the railroad strike he so proudly prevented (before the election) was voted down by some of the unions. You know the one where media types like Scott Pelley (CBS again) asked with love and praise how he managed to get a deal. Remember that?

It Was A Quiet Weekend They Said, But There Was News.

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