Passing The Gavel and Leadership…

With her announcement yesterday Nancy Pelosi ends an era that made history.
Whether you are a supporter or detractor, you have to agree she made history.
She was the first female Speaker ever.
She is the first speaker since 1955 (Sam Rayburn) who lost the majority and survived to come back as speaker.
Her time as speaker saw many historic turns.
The Iraq War, the 2008 economic downturn, terrorism and covid. She was instrumental in the passing of the ACA and the focus on the climate. Recently she led the outrage overJanuary 6th.
Amazingly she will maintain her record of having never lost a floor vote on legislation. She only brought votes she knew she had, even with the slim majority the past few years.
She kept her members in line and voting the party line.
She also has two lost impeachment trials.
She had at least one deplorable act of tearing up a State of the Union Speech on live television as the President finished.
She is left for history to judge, but a part of history she will be.

One aside, it will be interesting to watch her in the House now as she becomes another member following her party leader. She stepped down from leadership, but not from the House.

A Few Other Thoughts

We head into the second weekend since the mid-terms and we still have five house races uncalled. It would seem to me, that in a congressional district, you could have counted and recounted ten times by now.

With the bare minimum to have a majority (218) the Congressional Republicans announced a probe of the Hunter Biden ties to the President, stating there is a clear connection, and the President may be compromised.
What I find interesting of their press briefing was that only the conservative networks reported on it yesterday.
The major networks like ABC did not cover the story.
These are the same people who carried the false Russian Collusion story for almost three years and told us that President Trump was comprised. Well. now we have some real evidence that needs investigation and nothing. Why?

The day after the mid terms (and since) we have called for the Republicans to replace their party leader (Ronna Romney McDaniel). Yesterday we heard that Rep. Lee Zeldin (the Republican Gov. candidate in NY) emailed committee members about his potential bid.
She announced she is running again, but if you can’t figure out how to do early voting you are out.

Speaking of Romneys, things are brewing in Utah. When Senator Lee asked Mitt Romney for an endorsement late in the campaign this month, Mitt refused to back his fellow Republican. This further angered Utah Republicans and yesterday former Rep. Jason Chaffetz indicated he is going to primary Mitt in 2024.
I think Mitt is in trouble in Utah.

On politics, if you think Donald Trump’s announcement wasn’t ill timed for Republicans, digest this:
Democrat Sen. Raphael Warnock is so sure that former President Trump is so toxic in Georgia that he’s running a new ad that simply repeats the ex-president’s endorsement of his challenger Herschel Walker.
I repeat, if you think Trump is the answer, you’re a Democrat.

To even out the political sides here’s the Republican bumper sticker of the week:
Biden and Federman 2024
It’s A No Brainer

This should scare you:
Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said he has a “plan” to deal with what’s expected to be an even worse border situation once he carries out a judge’s order to no longer use pandemic powers to oust illegal immigrants.
The man who says the border is under control has a plan for the tens of thousands additional immigrants about to try and enter.
Yea, right.

On a lighter note, how about the country of Qatar announcing two days before the start of the World Cup that there will be no alcoholic beverages for the games.
Imagine, you have to watch a game for the game and not the beverages.

Have A Great Weekend.

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