It Took A Week And A Day…

We End With Divided Gov’t And A Return

It’s still hard to believe that it took seven plus days to count votes in congressional districts.
It took so long that the 2024 campaign actually kicked off while we were still deciding who won what.

I had a conversation with a good, well informed friend this morning on the reentrance of Donald Trump.
He said he is awaiting the “start of him humiliating everyone, and to see who fights back and survives.”
We had a good back and forth, and I ended up here:
“The former President told me I would get tired of winning.
Well, the Republicans lost the House in his mid-term year of 2018.
They lost the Presidency and Senate in his 2020 Presidential run.
They failed to capitalize on dire conditions in 2022 due to his demand for candidates who said his election was cheated.
You know what?
I am actually tired of losing.”

Let’s see what the people and party do now.

In the interim, the Democrats are front and center now. As we discussed yesterday, both McCarthy and McConnell survived in their caucuses.
What does Nancy Pelosi announce today?
The leaders of the House Democratic Caucus are all 80+ years old. The President turns 80 this weekend.
It’s time for new leadership I would think.
If they go that way the favorite in the clubhouse is Hakeem Jeffries.
Now consider this. He is from Brooklyn, NY. So is Senate Leader Chuck Schumer.
Wouldn’t that be interesting to have the congress led by two Brooklynites.
Is middle America ready for that?

Just A Little Political Talk This AM.

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