Let’s See Now…

Here we are almost a week after the election and we have 18 House seats undecided. How can that be?
We’re still counting!
All we know is the Republicans have 212 seats won and the Democrats 205.
Can you believe this? Why?
Because we turned Election Day into election weeks and election months.

We turned going out to vote to we’ll bring the election to you and even help you fill out the ballot.
Election night will never be what it used to be. It’s now election week plus.

One party was smart enough to figure how to play this game and the other failed to adjust and insists on day of.
If the Republicans don’t change leadership and learn to play by the new rules they are doomed to losing.
Sometimes in life you don’t make the rules, but you have to adjust to play by what they are.
After losing the Presidency in 2020 they learned nothing.
They proceeded to take the opportunity of 2022 and flush it away.

When 70% of the nation believes the the country is going in the wrong direction and the party who owned the Presidency, Senate and House still beats you, well you better look inside and start replacing your leaders.
It’s this simple:
You figure out how to make the rules work for you. Then you do it better than your opponent.
If you can’t, get out of the way and let someone else lead.

The other Republican problem is Donald Trump.
We haven’t been shy here condemning his actions, and he continues to add fuel to his distasteful actions.
Going this week after two Governors in his own party who have won and are bright voices is beyond disgraceful.
Why is he going after them? Because his massive ego cannot take the two of them being popular.
Only he should be in the party, as he sees it.
As we wrote for the last year, the Democrats are crazy trying to indict and disqualify him. He is their best asset.

We will repeat here what we said last Wednesday morning. Donald Trump must go away, he is an anchor in any general election.
Yesterday he said, “It’s not my fault.” Mr. President, you are cause number one at fault.

Now he’s apparently ready to announce tomorrow that he is running in 2024.
All that will do is hurt the Republicans in the Georgia runoff.
Democrats are urging him to announce, while his party is begging he not do it.
This is a repeat of Democrats funding his election denier candidates in Republican parties – knowing they would be easier to beat.
Donald Trump doesn’t care.
He didn’t care two years ago in Georgia when the run off resulted in two Democratic wins and senate control. He gave Joe Biden and the senate the chance to do all the programs and judges he has pushed thorough.

He didn’t care with the candidates he supported to win the primaries in 2022. As long as they repeated his lie that the 2020 election was stolen.
The same ones who lost the senate and governorships this year.

Every republican leader must stop bowing at the Trump altar. You’ve fed that ego long enough. It’s time for history to be the judge of his presidency.
He is not the answer to anything in the future.

In the end, inflation is up, real income is down, retirement accounts are suffering, the border is porous, crime is rampant, gas prices are up and optimism for the future is lacking. A majority believe their children will not have life as good as they did in the future. 72% said we are going in the wrong direction.
Yet, the party in control won control of the senate, increased their number of Governorships and won state legislatures. We’re not sure if they won house yet.

What does that say about the Republicans and the American people?

On to another week.

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