The Democrats Fight Back..

The people spoke yesterday, well actually they have spoken with early voting for months, but we counted what they said last night.
What they said was not what the pollsters and pundits were telling us. There was no red wave, no red ripple… there was a divided nation.
We write this with a senate that is likely to end up as divided evenly as it was before, pending a probable run off in Georgia again.
We write this with the thought the GOP is likely to win the House, earning the 218 seats needed, but not many more.
We write this as Democrats have picked up two Governorships.
That is a divided nation, and the issues we were told that were most pertinent proved not to be.
Yes, inflation was up there, but the border and crime seemed less important than abortion.
The latter in exit polls played a bigger part of the final vote than others.

So Now What?

We are going to have one major run off in Georgia. It will decide control of the senate.
We head into two years of divided government.
Even a three vote majority in the House opens things for the GOP to control committees and conduct investigations.
Look what the Democrats did with a 50/50 senate and the VP vote.
Buckle up for that battle.

Next, the Democrats have to attack inflation and the economy. They need that under control.
They also better be concerned about oil prices this winter and into next year. President Biden made clear we are not approving any new drilling and coal plants should begin thinking about converting to wind and solar ones.
States will now be adding their suspended gallon tax back on and the administration will turn off the strategic reserve. The price is going up in the next few months.

The Republicans have to rid themselves of Donald Trump.
He hurt the party big time, and if you are a supporter of his and don’t recognize it, then it’s time to stop and think.
He chose candidates to support based upon their supporting he won in 2020. He didn’t.
Look at his Governor choice in PA. The top of that ticket hurt the entire down ticket as he lost by so much.
Look at his choice for the senate in NH, a winnable senate seat.
Here’s how bad it was.
Trump raised funds for his PAC. He didn’t spend it. He saved it for himself.
However, the Democrats were so excited about running against Trump election deniers they spent heavily in Republican primaries to assure Trump choices won.
Think long and hard about that before you decide what you want in 2024. Democrats spent more to support Trump choices than he did. All he cared about was they fed his ego and said he won.
Let me add one more example of Trump action:
In Colorado where it was thought the Republican had a chance to win a seat. Well, he didn’t support Trump’s election claims and the former President told his supporters not to support him.
Thus, the Republican had to run against an incumbent Democrat and Trumpers. He never had a chance.

One more message to the Republicans. You need a new party head. One who understands the rules have changed and months to vote might not be your choice, but you better get in the game. Relying on one day to offset months is just ludicrous.
You either get the rules changed or you play by them and figure out how to prevail.

We’ll leave you with this as 2024 now looms ahead. The best candidate for each party to run against is either the current or former President. The only way they can ruin it is to nominate that candidate and make their opponent’s day.
That’s a sad statement, isn’t it?

Let’s Watch The Final Results.

1 thought on “The Democrats Fight Back..”

  1. Well,,,the elections came and gone,,,,AND I DON’T BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENED WITH THE RESULTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’m at a loss for words,,what is wrong with this country,,,,,??????,,,,,,,,the POLITICIANS,well you can’t expect them to do anything,,,
    WE’re sinking deeper and deeper into the OBIS,,,into a very deep,deep,deep BLACK HOLE/ BOTTOMLESS PIT !!!!!!!!!!!…

    Heaven help us,,because for sure we do not want to help ourselves !!!!!!!!!

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