Finally, The Midterm Election…

After All The Noise – Vote

Do you remember any midterms where the coverage was so intense, the polls so divergent, the charges that democracy was at risk and the claims of victory so sure?
Now it’s your time. Just get out and vote. Make your voice heard. The time is now.

Our prediction remains the same as it has been. Republican House 230-235 seats. Republicans win the Senate.

Some Closing Thoughts

The false claims all over the airwaves were disturbing to me.
Democracy was not at stake, a free vote proves that.
I agree with Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen who said: “I’m a loyal Democrat, but I am not happy. I just think that we did not listen to voters in this election. And I think we’re going to have a bad night.”
I think former President Obama was strong in the last week promoting Democrats and helped.
I think President Biden hurt the party.
Remember, he promised to “unite” us. Then he called those against him “idiots” yesterday.
I think his ill advised comment about closing coal plants will hurt in key states like Pa., Ohio and across most states.
I think his misstatements on economic conditions (so bad that the NYT called him on them) were disastrous.

On the other side, former President Trump continues to amaze with his self centered, me only attitude.
To drop rumors he will declare for 2024 in the week after the midterm was so ill-timed.
To dare attack Gov. DeSantis by calling him “Ron DeSanctimonious” three days before the vote just served to prove he is for Donald Trump and no one else.

One thing to watch closely is if either senate candidate can get 50% in Georgia, which like last time can vote be vote 50 or 51. In 2020 incumbent David Purdue ended up at 49% and won election night. He lost the run off and with it went senate control. So, watch the vote and that 50% in Georgia.

I’m Simply Tired Of

The Democrats, every election cycle, saying the other party is going to take away your social security and medicare. Long time readers here know we’ve long explained that investing up to $13,000 a year in a retirement fund should be producing far more than the check you will get. The problem is the money is not invested in your name and the government spent the excess over the years on other programs.
That said, no one is cutting anything. It’s just another ad of a Republican throwing Grandma off the cliff.

Here’s a review on the programs that explains it well:
Veteran journalist Brit Hume said this about these charges:
“We’ve been hearing this claim about cutting Social Security and Medicare for decades, but in recent election cycles there haven’t been any proposals from Republicans to touch those programs.
Donald Trump ruled it out and nobody is proposing it now. It’s an old saw used by Democrats when they’re in trouble.”

The glaring irony is that Social Security and Medicare are in trouble if they’re not touched. These two major entitlements — albeit earned entitlements as opposed to unearned redistribution schemes like food stamps — are headed for insolvency in the short term without a serious plan to fix them.

Despite the bill of goods sold by DC politicians about all the money you paid into these programs, that money is long gone. Current workers are paying current retirees, and the ratio of workers to retirees isn’t anywhere near as favorable as it was when Swamp dwellers started raiding that “lock box.”
“When FDR signed Social Security into law in 1935,” said Douglas Andrews, “the retirement age was 65 and the life expectancy was 63. Today’s numbers are 67 and 84, respectively.
Furthermore, while we used to have 16 workers for each retiree in 1950, we now have fewer than three.
So who’s endangering Social Security and Medicare — someone with a serious plan for reform to keep programs going for future generations, or someone who screams and yells and insists that everything will be just fine if only those rotten Republicans will keep their hands off the brakes of the cliff-bound speeding train?“

Why Is It That

Why are companies like General Motors, General Mills and Audi pulling their advertising from Twitter because Elon Musk bought it?
All Musk has promised is an open exchange of ideas. That is a far cry from what was. Just ask the New York Post or a host of others who spouted right of center ideas and were suspended.
On what grounds are these “woke” companies leaving now?

Let’s See What Tomorrow’s Vote Brings.

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