A Closing Argument…

A Closing Argument?

That was the President’s closing argument for his party?
The first question is do you think Democracy is at stake if Republicans win the congress, because that was it.
I have been concerned about freedom, but not because Republicans might win.
I’ve been concerned because the free press and social media have taken a side, failed to report news, issues, and suppressed information.
That impacts democracy.

Now in his closing argument the President mentioned Donald Trump, who is not on the ballot. He mentioned MAGA. He mentioned the danger of the Jan. 6th riot. He mentioned election deniers. He mentioned Paul Pelosi.
He mentioned all this as if it were just one sided, cut and dry, and the only issues.

Well, Donald Trump does have trouble with the truth, but so does Joe Biden. He mentioned the riot of Jan. 6th, what about all the riots that destroyed people’s businesses, lives and homes? They don’t matter because they are not politicians? What about deniers in his party? Do we need to review the many who denied 2016? Yes, Paul Pelosi was attacked and that is unacceptable, but crime is rampant and up all over. Do all citizens matter?
By the way Mr President, the attacker was an illegal immigrant who was living in a sanctuary city with clear mental issues. You may have forgotten that in your review.

What he didn’t mention were the issues of this midterm. Inflation, the border, energy and crime. Were they not important enough for his closing argument?
Not one time.
If you’re satisfied with his closing argument, your vote counts too, but I suggest you stop and think this through.

Maybe he didn’t mention the issues because a few hours earlier he had to take down a tweet. The tweet touted and gave the President credit for rising Social Security payments that are coming.
Then they realized the higher payment is tied to inflation, and that’s at a 40-year high. Ooops.

That was shortly after he said he talked with the man who “invented” insulin. Then it was discovered that the doctor had died before the president was born.

Then There Was The Oil Industry

Earlier this week the President attacked the oil industry saying they were the problem with gas prices and not his polices. That didn’t sit well with the energy industry.
Executives reacted to the President’s threat of higher taxes if they don’t lower the price at the pump. 

The industry’s lobbying firm, the American Petroleum Institute, described Mr. Biden’s price gouging assertions as “outrageous” and “baseless,” denouncing the president’s tax threat as “campaign rhetoric” that will only further disincentives new production needed to blunt rising prices. 

The API President and CEO Mike Sommers told reporters:
“He repeated the same debunked assertions he’s made in the past and again arrived at a policy proposal that would do the exact opposite of what would help families and businesses in this country. This has become a trend: the administration takes credit for every cent of decrease in gasoline prices, but when prices go the other way, the finger-pointing begins.” 

Chevron CEO Mike Wirth offered a similar warning about the president’s rhetoric deterring production, saying a windfall profit tax or export ban would be “short-sighted.“
He added: “Typically, if you want less of something, you tax it.”

I still wonder if anyone in this administration understands business.

A Media Study – From Newsbusters.org

The “Big Three” broadcast networks — ABC, CBS and NBC — continue to shield President Biden from caustic coverage, according to an indepth study conducted by Newsbusters.org.
The study examined evening newscasts that aired on the networks from Sept. 1 to Oct. 26, homing in on 115 stories focused solely on the midterm elections.
The stories racked up a total airtime of 213 minutes in 2018.
“While President Trump was a huge focus of network coverage four years ago (accounting for 48% of all midterm campaign airtime in 2018, more than all of the individual House, Senate and gubernatorial candidates combined), the networks aren’t interested in targeting President Biden this year.

Biden accounted for just 34 minutes of midterm coverage, just 16% of total campaign coverage,” wrote Rich Noyes, a senior editor for the conservative press watchdog. And there’s virtually no debate about the successes or failures of the Biden presidency, as one would normally expect.

TV’s 2022 campaign stories included just nine evaluative comments about President Biden.
Four years ago, these same networks aired 63 (with 86% negative) comments about President Trump.

Which raises the question, are we better off today than we were four years ago?

An example of media bias was clear to me this AM. I was watching one of the network morning news shows. The reporter bantering back and forth with the hosts did his review of the midterms and said with the House it is pretty clear the Republicans are going to win. Then he added, there is “better news” with the senate and proceeded to talk of the jump ball nature of it.
He didn’t say “better” news for anyone or anything. He just said “better” news. Of course no one at the anchor desks asked about it, because they were excited, too, about the “better” news.
They just show their bias and don’t even know.

Have A Great Weekend.
We’ll Be Back Monday With An Election Eve Review.

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