All About The Mid Terms…

With a week to go the news is all about the midterms, and pending any extraordinary event to redirect it, will remain so.
In fact, even the issues you do hear about will be tied to the midterms and impact the vote.

That includes the unfortunate situation with Paul Pelosi.
There is a clear effort to tie the attacker to the right wing and Republican issues. Wouldn’t it be a good idea to get the facts and the whole story? Maybe he was a leftist who turned right. Maybe.
But maybe he is ill, as his family said, and should be off the streets. Would that surprise you?
One thing I know for sure.
He was here illegally and living in a sanctuary city. Let’s go from there.

I also want to watch and see the charges they bring and what happens to him. Should he face the fullest extent of the law? In my world the answer is yes. Should the subway pushers, street attackers of the elderly and ax attackers face the same consequences? The answer is yes; now do they? The answer to that is no.

Paul Pelosi’s life is valuable, so is every law abiding citizen’s. Shouldn’t justice be the same for all?
He wanted to get to Nancy Pelosi, does that change anything? Not to me. Citizens are citizens. Did we cover the individual who wanted to assassinate Supreme Court justices with the same coverage as this? Did the politicians speak up in the same manner?

It can’t matter more because it matters to you.

How close are the midterms?

Look at the reports this morning from these two major trackers of the vote:
Five Thirty Eight:
It’s a dead heat for the Senate with a 51 in 100 chance of Democrats winning control of the chamber, compared to 49 in 100 for Republicans.
Decision Desk:
As of Monday evening, their model predicts that Republicans have a 50.9 percent chance of controlling the Senate, with a mean seat projection of 51 (R) and 49 (D).

One interesting comment in Politico on something we sensed and wrote last Friday:
After weeks of stories about momentum swinging in favor of GOP Senate candidates, “a spate of new polls arrived this week bearing a clear message for Democrats: They are still in the hunt for the Senate majority.”

Now that doesn’t mean the NYT polls we shared yesterday were right. No. They are way off, and I say again the Times and Siena College should be embarrassed.

Meanwhile, Trump continues to show he cares only about Donald Trump. He finally endorsed the candidate he backed in the NH primary for the general election. What took so long?
Well, the candidate wasn’t touting that Donald had the election stolen in 2020. Really. With the senate at stake, Donald Trump is about Donald Trump.
If that’s not bad enough, check out his endorsement:
On his Truth Social platform:
“General Don Bolduc has run a great campaign … He was a strong and proud ‘Election Denier,’ a big reason that he won the Nomination, but he then disavowed. He has since come back, at least on busing, but that is only a small part of N.H. Election Fraud. Nevertheless, Don Bolduc has asked for my Endorsement, and he’s got it, Complete & Total.”

Then we have the current President who wants to make big oil the culprit and not his polices.
Yesterday he accused the oil companies of “war profiteering” and raised the possibility of a windfall tax on energy companies if they don’t boost domestic production. 
I guess he knows they are in business to make profit. Threatening them with an “excess profit” tax is a whole new game.
Does he realize these companies have made adjustments to their businesses due to lack of ability to drill and the new restrictions put in place?
What this administration fails to realize is it is their polices that have created the energy mess, not the lack of desire to drill and make profits on behalf of the companies.
But, I guess it could be a good political issue for the last week of an election.

A Week Of Noise Ahead.

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