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Wasn’t it interesting watching the Tuesday night debate analysis yesterday? You know what you saw, and watching some trying to tell you that you didn’t see it should disqualify them from your screen(s) forever.

Ashley Biden, the President’s daughter said this:
“If we don’t win the Senate and House in the midterms, it’s over, of what we’re really going to be able to do in the next two years.”
Exactly Ashley, that’s exactly the objective of many of us.

In fact, we have already seen change.
The Democrats are running ads saying they have always backed the police.
Defund them? Oh, no, that was the Republicans, they are saying.
Even Gov. Hochul is running scared now, putting out an anti crime ad after asking her opponent was he obsessed with locking up criminals.
And as I said yesterday, they now want to get the mentally ill off the streets.
Ashley’s right, things are going to change.

Listening to people whine after watching the debate that they have already voted in PA. and don’t know what to do now. Well, you have two options.
Next time how about waiting so that you are an informed voter?
Then how about working to cut early voting time to a reasonable ten days prior?
How about, you, being part of the solution and not the problem?

Here’s Why We Don’t Believe Polls

The respected Politico/Morning Consult Poll was out with this yesterday. Take a look. 80% of Democrats approve of the President’s performance?

Then this was added. Really the Democrat congressional vote is widening over Republicans two weeks out?
They better check their sample as I see it.


Watch the spin today about the positive GDP we told you was coming. It came in at 2.6% this morning.
The President and team will be touting this as he and former President Obama hit the campaign trail.
They will say it shows we were not in recession and one is not looming, though most economists are concerned one is.
After two quarters of negative growth this positive means growth for the year is zero.

Watch How The Biased Media Covers All This Today.

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