Catching Up

First An Explanation

For those wondering where we were and why a blog arrived days late, we had issues with our blogger site.
They miscalculated our mailings and thought we had exceeded 12,000 for the month. It took us days to fix the issue and we apologize.

Now Back To The Issues

Let’s start with the oil crisis. Why we don’t unleash American drillers is beyond anything I can comprehend.
We beg others to do it as if it’s a different environment they are drilling in.
Yesterday he said let’s speed up windmills. Really? That’s the answer?
Then he announced we will release more from the strategic reserve. Under a different President the media would be all over that and explaining the reserve was for emergencies that the nation could face.
Why we have allowed half to be released to cut prices, but won’t allow drilling is unexplainable.
And now we are going to have to replace the reserve at $70 a barrel. We filled it at $30.
Congress refused President Trump’s request to fill at $20.00.
Make sense?
Not to me, but the media is quiet about it, aren’t they?
Then add this.
The release is to keep prices as low as possible. What happens when we stop releasing? What happens when the states reimpose their sales tax per gallon? There’s no long term solution here. Just a political gimmick.
You know what?
To this administration it doesn’t matter, the mid terms will be over and the price can go back up.
They want you moving off gas automobiles to electric vehicles.
If you don’t realize that, you are not thinking.

And here’s the White House spin that if you believe it, you qualify for the always can be fooled club:
“Gas prices fell at the fastest rate in over a decade this summer, with average prices down by about $1.15 per gallon since their peak in June — and just about 30 cents above levels on February 24, when the war in Ukraine began.”
Think about how gullible they think you are.
The price of a gallon went from $2.10 on Election Day 2020 to around $4.50 under this administration’s policies.
Then it drops to $3.50 and they tout the drop to you. DROP?
A drop from your doubling the price is something to be proud of?
Yea, it’s down a $1.15, down from the record high you drove it too, but still over 50% above what it was the day you took over.
If you believe that spin, you are a member of the fool me all the time club.

Let’s Put Two More Spins To Rest

The first is inflation is minimal. No, it isn’t.
You budgeted for minimal inflation, it is over 8% and going up next month.
Minimizing it is a misdirection at best, an outright lie at worst.
Second, unemployment at 3.5% is unheard of. False.
It was 3.5% under the past administration before the pandemic.
The difference between today and then is this fact. There were four million more people working then.

More Proof Of Media Bais

If you’ve followed the President’s stories when he visits places, he seems to always tie himself to a personal situation to the area.
As an example, in Puerto Rico he stated he grew up in a Puerto Rican environment. Not true.
In a Detroit truck factory he was a former long haul driver. Not true.
When talking of South Africa, he was arrested trying to see Mandela. Not true.
In Iraq he came under attack. Not true.
He finished at the top of his law school class (and not three from the bottom). Not true.
He was active in the south during the civil rights movement. Not true.
He grew up on Sundays in a black church in Delaware. Not true.
The stories are endless, and all fabricated.
The NYT got around to a fact check one day. They titled the story:
“Biden, Storyteller in Chief, Spins Yarns That Often Unravel.” 
“President Biden has been unable to break himself of the habit of embellishing narratives to weave a political identity.”
You didn’t see it? Well, it wasn’t on page one; or two, three four….
You had to turn twelve pages to find it.
Would they have treated Reagan, Bush or Trump the same?
Remember, you have to go back to 1956 for the NYT endorsement of a Republican for President.

Speaking Of Reagan

See if you read and heard this story.
“Inflation Causes IRS to Raise Tax Brackets, Standard Deduction by 7%.”
What that means is the tax rates will rise 7% before they kick in. This is because of inflation.
So you pay at a lower rate to assure the government doesn’t benefit at your expense.
In addition, the standard deduction rises for single and married couples. ($12,500 to $13,850 for a single)
All good, right? Watch how it’s covered.   
This rule to protect tax payers and help was part of the Reagan Tax Cuts in 1981.
Reagan wanted the annual indexing so you weren’t inflated to a higher bracket and lost out, while the government won.

More Tomorrow, I think Our Issues Are Corrected.

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