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As We Watch

Just a few thoughts today as we all watch the Florida hurricane and hope and pray for the well being of all.

In the pursuit of justice for the biggest threat to our nation since who knows when, the Jan. 6th committee cancelled its hearing today.
They said they could not proceed because of Hurricane Ian bearing down on Florida. The committee’s chairman, Rep. Thompson, cited the expected landfall of the hurricane on Florida’s Gulf Coast near Tampa — about 900 miles from Washington — as the reason for the delay.
“In light of Hurricane Ian bearing down on parts of Florida, we have decided to postpone tomorrow’s proceedings.”
Why, you ask again?
Simply because the hurricane will draw the media attention away from the committee’s proceedings, and media coverage is what it is all about. And you know how much coverage the MSM gives them.
That simple.
I guess they can’t pursue truth without major coverage.

There’s no mystery as to why the polling industry has suffered more reputation loss than any other in the past decade. They no longer are fair, unbiased and know how to poll.
Here’s examples from today’s releases:
A new Grinnell College/Selzer & Co. national poll out this morning has Democrats up 46% to 42% on the generic ballot.
Yet, they say eighty-one percent of voters say “the overall health of American democracy” will be a major factor in their vote.
Are they saying people like the state of the nation? The direction of the country? Every poll says 74% say we are going in the wrong direction. How can they explain that?
That same poll says that President Biden is at a 36% approval rating. Yet we are voting his party in?
Poll Credibility = Zero.

Then out comes the Reuters/Ipsos poll. After a horrendous week they say the President’s approval rating  is “up” this week to 41%.
Really? Up?

Then Politico gave us these polls this AM:
Democratic Sen. MICHAEL BENNET is leading JOE O’DEA 49% to 43%.
Democratic Gov. JARED POLIS is ahead of HEIDI GANAHL 49% to 41%.
In the Senate race, Democratic Rep. TIM RYAN is ahead of J.D. VANCE 46% to 43%.
Democratic Sen. MARK KELLY leads BLAKE MASTERS 49% to 42%.
Democrat KATIE HOBBS is just ahead of KARI LAKE, 46% to 45%.

So if all these polls are right, then the country is headed for a big Democratic win in the mid terms.
Just watch the results now.

Meanwhile, over in the senate, did you see what happened?
The deal Senator Manchin made to approve the big spending bill, was he would get pipelines in return in W. Va.
Well, the spending bill passed as you know. The money is going out to add spending to our inflation.
Last night senators did not approve the Manchin part.
Why did Manchin’s deal part fail?
Because he made enemies on all sides and no one trusted him anymore. They all wanted to get him.
He ends up caving in on the spending and getting zero in return.
Well done Senator.
He’s up for election in 2024, let’s keep an eye out for that one. I think West Virginians have figured this out now.

Let’s Hope And Pray All Our Fellow Citizens Are Safe And Well In Fla.

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