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So, gasoline prices have risen the past six days. Are we hearing that like we did the drop from record highs?
Plus, no one is mentioning it, but the one million barrel a day release of strategic reserve is scheduled to end in a month. Then what?
The answer is we have to purchase oil to refill the reserve. What will the end of releasing and the start of purchasing do to the price?
The administration is only hoping it doesn’t show up before the mid terms.
Add this:
A good number of states suspended their state gas tax (like my state of Connecticut – 25 cents per gallon) and that is scheduled to end.
What will all this do the price? Is anyone talking about this? Certainly not the MSM. Why warn you $4.00+ a gallon is on the horizon.

All this while – as noted here two weeks ago – the President’s poll gains over the summer were ending. The latest polls show him dropping.
Rasmussen from 46 to 42. ABC said he is at 39% approval as does Reuters. Now CBS said he was 45% approval, so you choose who to believe.
I think he is sliding again and the Democrats need to revitalize Trump quickly.

Which is exactly what the Jan. 6th committee is planning to do. As we reported, they are now planning another live hearing – made for TV.
On the Sunday shows they all told us how bad Trump was. Adam Schiff, (yes, him again) said he has evidence that should lead to an indictment. I wonder which he sees coming first, the Russian Collusion evidence he saw or the Jan. 6th he sees now.
The man keeps seeing evidence that others don’t. Someone should ask him what else he sees, maybe he needs help.

What you didn’t hear anywhere on or about the Jan. 6th committee was this story about the mother of the young ex Air Force woman shot at the rally:
The mother of Ashli Babbitt wants GOP lawmakers to investigate the House select committee probing the 2021 Capitol riot if they’re awarded the majority in November. 
Micki Witthoeft, who attended an advocacy rally for those charged in connection to the riot, called out the Jan. 6 committee as a “hoax” that deceived public perception about what happened on that day. “I would like to see the Republicans launch an investigation into all these people,” Ms. Witthoeft told The Washington Times. “That committee is a sham. I know they’ve changed information at times and altered videos. They’ve shown portions of videos that serve their purpose and their narrative, but they don’t go forward to let you know what actually happened.” 
I guess her thoughts on her dead daughter is not news for the MSM.

Oh yea, but old Liz Cheney is still out there front and center. Despite losing her primary by over 2-1 she is still making comments like she is in the majority.
Her latest, she “won’t be a Republican” if former President Donald Trump is the nominee for president in 2024 and would consider stumping for Democrats. And, what does she think she has been doing the past year?
She added this…she will try to thwart Republican nominee Kari Lake, who has questioned the 2020 election results, from becoming governor in Arizona.
If you want Cheney as a friend, don’t disagree with her. Me? I have enough friends and don’t need her.

Retired Supreme Court Justice Stephen G. Breyer signaled the high court still doesn’t know who leaked the draft opinion earlier this year revealing the justices were poised to overturn national abortion rights. A first!!
In an interview that aired on CNN the retired justice said he had heard no update on the leaker since the probe was launched in May.
What that tells me is because of the way things are going with our justice system, the leaker came from the left.

Why is NYC Mayor Adams in Puerto Rico checking on damage on the hurricane? What has that got to do with all the crime in his city and the breakdown of safety? He is a Mayor of a city.

The Committee to Unleash Prosperity issued this yesterday as the stock market entered bear territory:
“The Dow crashed to a low of 29,400 – a more than 20% decline from it’s high of 36,500. We were excoriated as “fear mongers” and “free market crazies,” by the Paul Krugman crowd.  Six months ago many of the leading economists on the left were saying that a little inflation and trillions of dollars of spending would be good for the economy.
Sixteen Nobel prize-winning economists wrote in FAVOR of the Biden agenda and solemnly promised that we would NOT see runaway inflation. None of them have returned their Nobels.
Those who suffered the most were middle-class workers hit by rising prices, especially for energy, surging way ahead of wage increases.
Between 1972 and 1981—under Presidents Nixon, Gerald Ford, and Jimmy Carter—hourly earnings for workers went from $4 to almost $7, a roughly 70% gain. But after accounting for inflation, workers were getting poorer because the purchasing power of wages fell by roughly 12%. Is it any wonder that Ford and Mr. Carter were voted out of office?
That’s exactly what workers are facing today with wages up 5.6% over the past year but consumer prices up 8.5%. Then as now, the White House and the Fed said the inflation would be temporary and blamed it on global factors beyond their control.”

The Mid Terms Are Coming. Does All This Matter More Than Abortion?

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