Coronavirus Easing, But Trumpitis Continues

It struck me watching the MSM that reporting on the coronavirus is easing, but Trumpitis continues.
The coverage of everything Trump, especially any possible wrong doing or investigation is non stop.
The MSM is suffering from Trump – itis.

Yesterday it was the NY AG running for reelection reverting back to her favorite subject, Donald Trump.
With major coverage in supportive media she announced charges of the former President over stating his property value and, thus, saving or earning $250 million dollars of gain.
Now, first of all this would seem to be a tax issue. If the IRS has investigated the former President for years, why didn’t they find this? It seems simple enough.
Next, why did woke NY DA Alvin Bragg decline to bring charges just a few months ago?
Then a question to this AG:
Do you think this is a common practice for businesses to inflate and reduce for tax purposes?
I am sure it is. How many have you gone after?

Now, do I think Donald Trump did this? Yes, I do.
Do I think he is the only company in NY (or any high tax state) trying to reduce taxes? No, I know he’s not.
How do I know he did this?
Well, I revert back to Forbes Annual issue of the wealthiest people. I recall the annual issue with Donald Trump. His claim was always they under counted his wealth. Their counter claim was he overstated the value of his holdings.
You can look that up if you want, but doesn’t it sound like Donald Trump?

The question here is this:
Do we have equal justice under the law? We have laws saying we must. But, do they investigate crimes or prosecute people equally?
From what I see daily on the news (MSM), we don’t. We have a new disease called Trumpitis.

One More Thing To Share Today – From the WSJ Poll

Democrats and Republicans differ on American greatness and whether the nation rewards hard work.
The vast majority of Republican voters—85%—believe anyone who works hard  can get ahead.
Only 53% of Democrats feel that way. 
A third of Republicans—34%—think the current generation will do better than the one that came before.
55% of Democrats think that.
Then there was the question of American greatness. Is America the best in the world?

Just A Few Thoughts For The Day.

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