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A Texas sheriff opened a criminal investigation into Florida’s migrant flights to Martha’s Vineyard, saying the migrants had been misled.
What does a Texas Sheriff have to do with Florida sending border crosses to Massachusetts? Think this was political? Check his political endorsements and past comments on Presidents.
Why doesn’t he worry about his state border where they are flocking across illegally?

No one has explained to me yet how the Governors sending busses is different from the President flying people in during the night. In fact, the latter has shipped far more, far longer and far more quieter. Sheriff?

What they don’t talk about at the border. Let’s start with this number: Two million.
That’s the number from the latest CBP data released this week, which showed that the number of arrests at the U.S.-Mexico border this fiscal year crossed that threshold for the first time in history.
The Border Patrol has nabbed 78 people on a terrorist watch list so far this fiscal year, according to the Department of Homeland Security data. The terrorist watch list!
Twelve were caught in August, the second highest monthly total since numbers were released.
Only 15 suspected terrorists were caught in all of fiscal year 2021.
From 2017 to 2020 the total (inclusive all years) was 11.
And oh yea, if you didn’t know, the administration says the border is closed now and was broken 2017-20.
You can fool some of the people all the time, if you’re willing to be fooled.

All the talk on the Republican side is about Donald Trump and Gov. DeSantis.
Keep any eye on Gov. Youngkin of Va. too. He is out working the stump for Republican candidates.
Next month he is going to campaign for Kari Lake in Arizona. He is reaching out to all wings of the party.

Put this in the column of Trump just being Trump.
He said he would have gotten a better seat than President Biden did at Queen Elizabeth’s funeral.

One more Trump thought today.
The longer the Mar-a-Largo investigation goes, the more it looks like he had unauthorized classified materials in violation of the law. Now, if you thought Hillary should have been prosecuted for her classified documents, you have to think Trump should too. They both broke the law and put classified material in jeopardy.
The problem is applying the law to one side. It should be against all who break it.

Mitch O’Connell must be feeling better about the upcoming election. His new tune to the Chamber of Commerce is that he’s cautiously optimistic about flipping the Senate.

Talking about hypocrisy, check this out.
Stacey Abrams separated her election denial from others. She defended her actions following her 2018 gubernatorial loss:
“I refuse to concede a system that permits citizens to be denied access. That is very different than someone claiming a fraudulent outcome.” I see.

I’m wondering what kind of coverage the hurricane damage and recovery to Puerto Rico’s infrastructure will get this time with a different President. Remember last time?

I talk to some who continue to blame Putin for the oil crisis and absolve the administration. They think Russia has stopped shipping oil.
Well, Russian oil production has fallen by less than 3% since the invasion of Ukraine. The real problem is here in the US we have stopped being energy independent.
Amazing how many don’t get it.

Here’s a chart on United States’s Crude Oil from Imports from 1980 to 2021. Pay particular attention of 2017-2020 and since.

United States Crude Oil: Imports

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