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Punchbowl News Reported this today from a dinner in a Washington DC restaurant:
“Senator Schumer was overheard during a dinner at Trattoria Alberto, an Italian restaurant on Capitol Hill frequented by lawmakers from both parties.
Senators at the dinner included Chris Coons of Delaware, Mark Kelly of Arizona, Chris Van Hollen of Maryland, Tom Carper of Delaware, John Hickenlooper of Colorado, and Dick Durbin of Illinois. 
The comments made, are in stark contrast to Pelosi’s declaration in recent days that not only would Democrats keep the House but they’d add to their slim majority. 
During the dinner, Schumer let loose on a whole range of topics. Schumer spoke loudly and his remarks were overheard by other patrons in the restaurant – and confirmed by multiple sources. → Schumer said that if the election were held today there was a 60% chance we hold the Senate, and a 40% chance we hold the House.”
Interesting comments.

We think that momentum is shifting again to the Republicans gaining after a six week period of Democrats closing the gap.

Democrats are smartly playing the abortion card as the front and center issue. Now Senator Schumer is trying to introduce a same sex marriage bill. The idea is to hit hot issues for the left and drive voter participation.
What is interesting is the amount of coverage this is receiving, considering this:
Same sex couples have a constitutional right to marry under a 2015 Supreme Court Ruling.
So why so much noise now about the bill? It’s an election period and the media approves the noise.

Meanwhile, Senator Lindsey Graham jumped into the abortion issue with both feet and needlessly brought it front and center on a day his party had a lot of positive news.
Let me state up front, the position he played out, about where the American people are with abortions being legal until a certain period, and not up to the day of birth, is the majority national position.
His mistake is doing this now and at the federal level. The court just made this a state by state choice. It’s an issue this mid term in Governors and local races.
He brought it to the national stage again. A mistake for his party.

The compliant media continues to provide cover for the left on this issue. Here’s an example from Politico this AM:  
“A majority of Americans also said they think abortion should be legal in all or most cases, while 35 percent said abortion should be illegal in all or most cases.”
Of course they didn’t ask if there should be a 15 or 20 week maximum for abortion. Why?
Because that is where the majority are and it is better to present a yes or no question to support their side.

If you’re following the bus transfers of border crossers to sanctuary cities you had be surprised (and maybe amused) at the latest drop offs.
Gov. DeSantis of Florida flew a plane to Martha’s Vineyard, and Gov. Abbott delivered a bus to the front of the VP’s home.
There’s a lot to say about both, but remember, just this week the VP said the border is closed.
Maybe she can go outside and ask them how they got to Texas.
While on the topic and all the charges that the Governors are racist for sending people to these states, I have a question.
When the administration was (and still is) flying the same people (often in the dark of night) why is that not racist then?
Amazing how biased people are with their position.
And oh yea, how can they ship people from a border that is closed?

It’s still baffling to me why the President had to fly (15 minutes) to Delaware on Tuesday after his lawn party to celebrate the “inflation reduction” bill, and then back, so he could vote. The President who preaches about the climate, in that short flight, ensuing caravan and return, probably caused more carbon than I will all year.
Even more baffling, Delaware has both absentee and early voting. The President was in the state at his home on Saturday. And, for the record, there were no high profile elections or votes on the primary ballot.

One more quote today from a publication. This, from the “Committee To Unleash Prosperity” on healthcare.
As a reminder they told us that the ACA would reduce family costs for healthcare by $2,500.
We Thought Obamacare Was Going to Make Health Insurance More “Affordable”
Did you happen to notice that one of the consumer products that saw a surge in inflation over the last year was…medical insurance which was up 24%?
Hmmm. How could that be?  A dozen years ago Barack Obama signed into law the “Affordable Care Act” to permanently lower health insurance costs. And ever since then Congress keeps making the subsidies more generous in order to hold down costs. How’s that working out?We will say it again: If you think The Affordable Care Act made health care more affordable, you probably are gullible enough to believe the Inflation Reduction Act will lower prices.

Interesting Isn’t It All?

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