I Wonder…

I Bet You Do Too

What President could hold a White House rally to tout a spending program on a day inflation numbers come out and the market loses 4% on the Dow and 5% on the Nasdaq? Isn’t spending adding to inflation?
Then they’re celebrating with a CPI of 8.3% when the goal is 2%.
I wonder what the MSM would say about Reagan, Bush or Trump if they held a rally like Biden did.

So after berating Gov. Abbott for shipping illegal border crossers to her sanctuary city, the Chicago Mayor did the same without notice to her suburban neighbors. And they are not sanctuary places!
Wasn’t it she who said of Abbott:
“There could be a level of coordination and cooperation, but he chooses to do none of those things. Instead, he chooses to send human beings across the country to an uncertain destination.”
I wonder how does she get away with that in the MSM?

Meanwhile, the D.C. Mayor (Muriel Bowser) declared a public emergency over the surge of illegal immigrants arriving in her city. She is calling it “a crisis that is certainly not of our making.” (Umm Abbott either)
To solve it she is asking for and utilizing millions of dollars in aid to help house and feed the newcomers.
When the buses began she blamed only Abbott. Now she is talking federal government responsibility too.
I wonder what made her see the light.

I saw this report:
Chinese adults increasingly say they’d avoid traveling to the U.S. because of the fear of violent crime, including gun violence and anti-Chinese bias among locals.”
I wonder: What do they know and see that our Woke Mayors and DA’s don’t?

Three new members are being sworn into Congress today. Two were surprise Democratic wins in the primaries two weeks ago. Reps. Mary Peltola (D-Alaska), Pat Ryan (D-N.Y.) Look at the numbers as we head to mid terms:
After the swearing in, there will be 221 Democrats vs. 212 Republicans, with 2 vacancies in the House.
That means if Republicans are to win the house they need to turn 6 seats while holding their own.
I wonder what the weeks ahead bring for the mid terms.

Speaking of the mid terms, I was looking at the number of Democrats who don’t want the President to campaign in their state senate races: Warnock (Ga.), Kelly (Ariz.), Hassan (N.H.),  Cortez Masto (Nev.) and Tim Ryan running in Ohio.
I wonder why since all their voting records are just about 100% pro Biden agenda.
I guess they figure you can fool at least half the people all the time.

Finally I wonder who is surprised by this news:
Nearly a third of illegal immigrants released during the early months of the Biden migrant surge last year failed to show up for required check-ins, according to a new inspector general’s report that said Homeland Security is having a tough time tracking all the people it’s setting free.

Things Just Keep Me Wondering. Are Americans Paying Attention?

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  1. There are not words in any Dictionary today to explain/describe who are these people that hold office in the biden administration !!!!!!!!

    Whats going on in this GREAT COUNTRY of ours today is beyond tragic !!!////its unbelievable,,,like I said the words do not exist as to what this administration has done,,TOTAL DESTRUCTION !!!!!

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